San Clemente Tent Fumigation Combats Swarming Termites

The subterranean termite is one of the most prevalent and destructive types of termites in California. Western subterranean termites, scientifically known as Reticulitermes hesperus, are one of the most common genera of subterranean termites in the sunny state, especially in areas like San Clemente. 

While subterranean termites are known for their underground behaviors, they also wreak havoc in homes and properties above ground. Subterranean termites nest underground due to their affinity for moisture, but their foragers travel above ground in order to find their primary food source, cellulose. As termites consume cellulose inside of wood, they cause danger and costly structural damage.

Subterranean termites can forage year-round, constructing upward mud tubes with soil and termite saliva and excrement. These mud tubes are a major sign to call an exterminator immediately. 

Subterranean Termite Foragers And Swarmers

Natural Science Exterminating was called to treat a rental property in San Clemente where mud tubes emerged from beneath the kitchen floor, up along the wall. As foragers traversed the walls and surfaces, swarmers filled the room.

Swarmers are members of a termite colony, most of which are winged and reproductive. This poses two distinct challenges. Winged swarmers, with their ability to fly, exhibit widespread activity that is significantly challenging to localize and treat with spot treatment. Their reproductive nature poses the threat of potential colony expansion—the greater the colony size, the greater their potential to cause further damage.

When Is Tent Fumigation Necessary?

Natural Science Exterminating considers tent fumigation as a last resort, prioritizing natural solutions and spot treatments whenever effective. That said, the goal of extermination is to remove the colony in its entirety, leaving no possibility for survival and repopulation—and in some cases, tent fumigation is the only viable method to do that

We typically treat subterranean termites with specialized methods that directly treat the soil and foundation where the termites are nested. Tent fumigation is typically not performed to treat subterranean termites, as this method does not directly treat the infested soil or foundation.

However, the subterranean termites of this San Clemente property had escalated beyond subterranean realms. The terrible abundance of foragers and swarmers above ground caused extensive damage far beyond their subterranean nests, exceeding the scope of what would be effective with localized spot treatment.

We performed tent fumigation to remove the termites, reaching every nook and cranny. We also performed wood repair, restoring the damaged structures.

We are proud to share that our solution of tent fumigation and wood repair was a superb success. However, it is possible that the conditions that led to tent fumigation could have been avoided had preventative measures been taken.

Protect Your Property From Termites

Termite prevention is crucial for properties of all types. 

Rental properties present unique pest control challenges because it is the residents, not the property owners, who live there. Property owners and management are typically not privy to immediate knowledge of damage, unless it is noticed and reported by residents. However, residents themselves are not experts trained in pest inspection. Moreover, even if residents do notice signs, there is always the possibility they will simply choose to ignore or overlook the signs until serious disruptions or inconveniences arise, at which point natural pest solutions or spot treatments may no longer be sufficient methods of removal.

Instead of relying on residents to notice and report signs of infestation, property owners and managers are advised to proactively schedule regular pest inspections with a licensed exterminator.

Get started on pest management today with a free assessment from Natural Science Exterminating.

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Apartment Pest Control: The Importance Of An Exterminator You Can Count On

Ownership and management of an apartment comes with significant responsibilities, one of which includes that of pest control. It is important for property managers to be aware of these obligations to ensure legal compliance, and to maintain a property that is safe and hygienic for residents and ultimately healthy for the business bottomline

Apartments owe residents a duty of care to provide comfortably habitable conditions of living and to proactively take preventative measures in the best interests of their occupants. These legal obligations are typically outlined in lease agreements. 

The skills of a reliable and meticulous exterminator are priceless in a state as abundant in pests as California. Termites cause billions of damage annually to homes across the United States. The trouble with termite presence in an apartment is that the structural proximity of units makes it easier for infestations to spread. Whether densely or sparsely populated, a single detached residential unit has much greater degrees of separation between neighbors than units of an apartment complex. 

Pest-Proof The Entire Apartment 

The destruction and risks of pest infestations in apartments can affect multiple households simultaneously, causing management to bear heavier burdens of compensation or reimbursement when issues have exacerbated to the point there being no choice but to ask residents to vacate their homes. 

The interconnected nature of apartments amplifies the crucial role of exterminators who perform services with integrity. It isn’t uncommon in the extermination companies to overstate the issue and exploit the dire situation of a property in order to squeeze as much profit as possible from owners or management. 

While we have tent fumigated a property to totally remove termites from a property where multiple spot treatments from a different exterminator (a well-known national pest control company) failed, Natural Science Exterminating considers tent fumigation as the last resort. We carefully inspect every case to determine the best course of treatment, prioritizing organic and local treatments whenever effectively possible.

We’ve successfully exterminated termites from a Huntington Beach apartment complex, where management wished for occupants to not be asked to vacate. We safely performed localized spot treatments, completely removing the termites swiftly and effectively while causing minimal disruption to the lives of the apartment residents.

Many Orange County apartments are tall, multi-level buildings, where structural integrity must be protected at all times. Termites have the dangerous natural ability to silently and quickly traverse altitudes in stealth. These wood-eaters and their potential to compromise human safety and well-being must be eliminated entirely. 

Apartment Termite Inspection And Prevention

Happy and healthy residents are the heart of a thriving apartment. Effective pest control begins with regular inspections to detect early signs of infestation, saving expenses of repair and treatment and preserving the value of the property and investment. In addition to inspection and removal, Natural Science Exterminating prevents the attack of termites with BoraCare. This industry gold standard is a mineral salt solution that penetrates wood and remains effective for a lifetime, without causing harm to the wood itself or the environment. BoraCare is considered low in toxicity to humans and pests, but it impairs or kills termites by disrupting their ability to metabolize cellulose, preventing the wood from being a food source to the termites.

Pest-proof your residential or commercial property by giving us a call today.

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Apartment Termite Treatment Keeps HOA & Residents Happy At Huntington Beach Complex

Living in an apartment complex certainly has its perks. Each household enjoys the privacy of their own unit while still being part of a collective. This typically means that residents have access to shared amenities, a luxury they might not have in other living arrangements. People who choose apartment living often do so for professional, financial, or personal reasons, particularly the peace of mind in knowing that management takes care of all property and maintenance affairs.

The greatest aspect of apartment living is, ultimately, the sense of community. And you know who else loves community? Pests! They live in colonies.

Apartment Termite Treatment

While most online resources discuss pest control in the context of homeowners and residents of single-family homes, in Natural Science Exterminating success stories, we encompass all property types, from businesses and government buildings to mansions, detached houses, townhouses, and, of course, apartments.

To preface, any property can potentially be infiltrated by pests, especially in a bio-diverse state like California. What makes apartment extermination unique from treating houses? At Natural Science Exterminating, we're experts at pest extermination for HOAs and apartment complexes. We understand the impact termites have on conjoined residential units, affecting operations and the comfort of residents. The removal of termites is crucial for the safety and hygiene of individuals and families, as well as to protect property owners from costly termite damages that amount to billions of dollars across the United States.

Tent fumigation, the release of gaseous termiticide enveloping the entire property, results in the thorough eradication of termites. However, this method requires humans, pets, and other forms of life to vacate the premises for the duration of the treatment, as well as a designated post-treatment waiting period. Thus, Natural Science Exterminating considers this method a last resort, especially when localized spot treatments and organic solutions are specialties we are known for.

Does Apartment Extermination Require Residents To Vacate? 

The management of this particular Huntington Beach apartment complex wished to ensure the extermination of all termites without pursuing tent fumigation, allowing everyone to stay in place without having to vacate. When pests have infiltrated a property or living arrangement where tent fumigation might not be feasible, you can count on Natural Science Exterminating to perform safe and effective localized spot treatments, removing the termite colony swiftly and effectively while causing minimal disruption to residents' lives.

This targeted approach allowed residents to continue with their daily lives (while the termites did not!). 

As always, we recommend annual pest inspections for the early detection of unwanted invasions, which can save time, money, and a headache down the road. We closely examine and inspect the property and its perimeter to ensure that we capture the full scope of the issue before commencing any work.

Communication is key, especially when multiple parties are involved. Our exterminators communicate the treatment plan to the property owners prior to commencing work. We also ensure that management is updated on the progress of the treatment throughout its duration so they can communicate with residents.

Natural Science Extermination has safely and successfully fumigated many properties for our clients. Tent fumigation and spot treatment are different techniques that are best suited for different types of  properties and infestations. Call Natural Science Exterminating for a free termite assessment of the best solution for you.

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Lake Forest Tent Fumigation Totally Removes Termites After Multiple Failed Spot Treatments

We are known for prioritizing spot treatment and regarding tent fumigation as a last resort. So we often get asked: “do spot treatments really get the job done?” The answer is yes—unless the colony is too large or has spread too much throughout the property! 

A Lake Forest client of ours had previously hired a well-known national pest control company to remove termites that had been damaging their home. Despite the reputation of the pest control brand, multiple attempts resulted in spot treatments that repeatedly failed. Unfortunately, the termites were never fully removed, costing our client time and money while causing frustration and fear

The homeowners almost lost hope and patience before calling us at Natural Science Exterminating! They asked if and how we could put an end to their nightmare. After a thorough inspection of the home, we discovered that the infestation had not been properly identified. We explained that the problem was deep and that tent fumigation should have been previously recommended to them. The client asked if we could carefully tent fumigate around their fragile arbors and pergolas. Our answer was yes! 

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of tent fumigation and why it is sometimes the best solution for recurring termites!

The Life Of A Termite 

Termites are a resilient and crafty species of insects with remarkable abilities. A single termite exists solely for the purpose of its colony to survive and propagate. Each termite has a designated role in sustaining its colony: reproducing, gathering resources, building, swarming, and more. 

Cellulose is their food source, which they obtain from eating wood, which is the material used to build the structures of homes across the country.

The drive to survive is deeply entrenched in the DNA of a termite and its colony. As such, to truly remove a termite problem means an exterminator must remove every single member of a colony from the property. A termite colony may contain hundreds to millions of individual critters; any treatment that misses a spot or leaves any survivors is an incomplete job. 

The Benefits Of Tent Fumigation 

There are several reasons why a spot treatment fails. Typically, a spot treatment fails if the exterminator’s inspection fails to discover the full extent of the problem. 

Tent fumigation is a termite treatment that leaves no stone unturned. Stubborn colonies stand no chance against tent fumigation, as the fumigant reaches every nook and cranny, even areas that aren’t accessible with other methods. Tent fumigation does not require multiple attempts, which can make life easier for owners and occupants. To ensure safety, people, pets, plants, food, medication, and elements of life are to be vacated from the premises before the property is sealed and a gaseous termiticide is released. After a designated waiting period, the property is free of termites and safe to live in.

While we regard tent fumigation as a last resort, it is sometimes the only effective treatment for severe infestations. It kills the opportunity for young offspring to develop, removing the entire colony including the eggs. 

The ultimate goal of extermination, whether through spot treatment or tent fumigation, is to ensure that every termite and trace of the colony is removed. In some cases, spot treatment and even natural solutions can achieve this perfectly. In other cases, nothing else except tent fumigation will come close to getting the job done. 

An excellent exterminator will make the right call—talk to us today and we’ll give you a free assessment of all the possible options.

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Triumph Over Termites in San Clemente Apartment Tent Fumigation

There is nothing more exciting than a fresh new beginning. But sometimes, second chances are just as good as the first, if not better. Second chances represent hope, positivity, and resilience, giving us opportunities to triumph over challenges.

We are proud to share the story of how our team at Natural Science Exterminating treated and replaced termite-damaged wood, giving a San Clemente fourplex a second chance at a new beginning.

Comprehensive Termite Extermination, Repair, And Prevention 

The revival of this apartment complex was comprehensive, from tent fumigation to carpentry wood replacement. 

Natural Science Exterminating is known for prioritizing natural solutions and localized spot treatments, considering tent fumigation as the last resort. However, we also believe in being honest and realistic about the effectiveness of each type of solution. We do not believe in overpromising what a natural or local treatment can do when tenting is truly necessary.

In this case, we inspected the property and explained to our client that we believed the apartment complex required tenting, due to the severity of the infestation. Our client confidently authorized us to proceed, acknowledging that our work is licensed, bonded, and guaranteed. 

With all living beings, food, and drugs removed from the premises, tent fumigation involves sealing the property and releasing a gaseous termiticide that enters every nook and cranny. The apartments were not occupied at the time, which provided the perfect window of opportunity for tent fumigation and carpentry wood replacement. We proceeded to thoroughly inspect the apartment complex to identify all layers of possible damage and dry rot, and to map carpentry around all plumbing and wiring connections before replacing the wood. Click here to learn about Wood Repairs For Damage Caused By Termites.

Pest Control Mistakes To Avoid 

Despite living together in colonies, termites can easily enter into a home and wreak havoc to its structures while remaining undetectable and hardly noticeable to humans. Collapsing floors, walls, and ceilings may seem to suddenly appear when they have in fact been deteriorating rapidly. A key mistake to avoid is ignoring what may seem like a few surface quirks or oddities in your home: discarded wings and mud tubes, as well as wood that appears warped, sounds hollow, or feels moist. These signs must not be ignored and wished away. Do not put off calling an exterminator, as delaying inspection and treatment only gives termites more time to cause damage.

There are many ways to solve a potential pest problem and “prevention is the best cure.” Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to properties across the United States due to the fact that these critters directly feed on wood. Any property that has not been treated to prevent the wood from being a termite food source is at risk of being infested. Many properties are simply not treated during construction, which tends to be the only time the interior structures of a property are exposed to allow the wood to be directly treated by BoraCare. That said, a remodel that involves opening up walls, ceilings, and floors is an opportunity that should be seized to call a professional exterminator to Pest-Proof Your Remodel.

Professional Tent Fumigation and Repair

Natural Science Extermination has safely and successfully fumigated many properties for our clients. Tent fumigation and spot treatment are different techniques that are best suited for different types of  properties and infestations. Call Natural Science Exterminating for a free termite assessment of the best solution for you.

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Anaheim Hills Remodel & Termite Treatment Success Story

Change can be both exciting and scary, especially given the preparation and uncertainty involved making the right decision. Many people do not like change. Others tolerate change by taking small steps. And then there are the bold ones—people who like to say: “Go big or go home!”

Even bolder are those who have the appetite to go big and go home

We are proud to share the success story of our work in the remodeling project of a client who expanded their house by adding a new kitchen and new bedroom and repurposing the existing kitchen and bedroom into additional living space.

When we received the call to work for a client who was significantly expanding their home, we were excited to be a part of their big change. 

As professionals in pest control and prevention, we consider it an honor to be hired to make it so that your house is home only to you and yours—not home to pests. 

The Perfect Time For Pest Prevention

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to homes every year in the United States. Their target? Wood cellulose. 

Remodeling is the perfect opportunity to pest-proof your home from the inside out. Under construction or remodeling are some of the only times walls and floors will be demolished and opened, providing access to the interior wooden structures of the home. 

Bora-Care is a low-toxicity solution of a borate salt that, when directly applied, prevents wood from becoming a termite food source. Professionally applying Bora-Care to exposed wood prevents termite damage, fungi, and rot throughout the life of the wood.

Click here to read about professional BoraCare treatments to pest-proof your remodel

Pest Pre-Treatment & Inspection

Remodeling is often confused with renovating. While both projects aim to upgrade space, a remodel is ultimately a reconfiguration that involves extensive structural changes. 

Remodeling is indeed hard work. In the midst of budgets and timelines, you may be eager to finish the project and hang your hardhat up. But keep in mind that remodeling is a big change that allows for an in-depth look at what you would otherwise not have access to. It is important for a remodeling project to be used as an opportunity to ensure that all of the hard work you invest into the space will hold its integrity and value over time. The “extra” work of pre-treatment during remodeling can actually save you a significant amount of stress and money that untreated wood could otherwise cost you. 

We conduct thorough inspections in multiple areas for pre-treatment. We will inspect the exposed wood for any signs of existing infestation. If found, we will determine the extent of the colony and the severity of any damage. Natural Science Exterminating prioritizes natural spot treatments, considering tent fumigation as a last resort. In addition to inspections of the wood, the soil, foundation, and areas of wood-to-soil contact may be inspected if structurally accessible.

We work with your remodeling contractors to achieve maximum results with Bora-Care so that you can enjoy your transformation with peace of mind.

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Newport Beach Commercial Termite Extermination For Department Fish And Wildlife

California is the most biodiverse of the United States, making it home to the fish, wildlife, and plants that make the sunny state so beautiful and green. Fortunately, a team of dedicated experts at the Department of Fish and Wildlife manage and conserve the magnificent nature of California.

We’re proud to share the success story of performing commercial termite extermination for Newport Beach’s Department of Fish And Wildlife. 

Funnily enough, on one hand, our job was to exterminate a certain creature, and on the other, our client’s job has always been to preserve all other creatures and their habitat.

But the critters we were called to exterminate had to go. Termites are one of the most common and destructive pests, causing billions of dollars of property damage across the United States every year through cellulose consumption. Attracted to moisture and wood, termite colonies make their way into homes and buildings, of which structural integrity can be compromised from the weakening of interior structures. Damaged floors, ceilings, and walls are not only unsightly, but also a safety concern. 

Natural Science Exterminating was called in specifically for our expertise in safe and environmentally friendly commercial pest control management, aligning with the mission of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Located in the Newport Back Bay wetland preserve, the Department is home to the personnel, equipment, and wildlife in rehabilitation. 

Tent fumigation was not a viable treatment option; a specific method of spot treatment was required to keep exotic ocean wildlife and osprey nests safe. 

Commercial Termite Removal

Pest control methods must be customized to account for a given property’s unique characteristics and form of infestation. Commercial pest treatments in particular must account for a variety of factors as commercial properties typically involve more people and larger square footage than residential properties, in addition to housing valuable assets such as specialized equipment or inventory. 

We are proud to be one of the most versatile experts in pest control management, treating both residential and commercial properties in California. We carefully inspect and assess each case to determine the best approach among a range of techniques, including both natural and chemical solutions as well as spot treatment and tent fumigation. While tent fumigation may be necessary in certain cases, it is often not practical nor safe for certain types of properties. 

Natural Science Exterminating has decades of experience in working with businesses and business owners to efficiently and safely eliminate pests, allowing little downtime to day-to-day operations. We understand that any infestation, whether mild or severe, can cause significant interruptions to your business, which affects your profitability. 

Stop Pests From Interrupting Your Business

Call a professional exterminator as soon as you suspect the possible presence of pests. The longer your facilities are affected, the longer you may need to remain out of service to protect the safety of your employees and customers. Furthermore, an untreated infestation allows pests to cause damage, which accumulates and translates into higher repair costs. 

Tent fumigation and spot treatment are different techniques that will suit different types of commercial properties. Call Natural Science Exterminating for a free termite inspection and assessment of the best solution for your property.

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Santa Ana Mansion Termite Spot Treatment Preserves Valuable Art

Termites are one of the most common and destructive pests, causing billions of dollars of property damage across the United States every year. This article is for informational purposes only. 

Art has the power to showcase human ingenuity and grit. With materials including paint, paper, clay, and marble, artists have made history through their creations.

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist who co-founded the cubist movement, which greatly impacted his contemporaries, fueling the revolution of surrealist art. Picasso defied artistic norms, pushing and breaking convention through his variety of methods and materials in bringing his visions to life. The most valuable masterpieces in the world include the works of Picasso.

We’re proud to share the story of how our team at Natural Science Exterminating had the honor of successfully treating our client’s very own Spanish masterpiece: the beautiful, classic Spanish tile roof of their Santa Ana mansion.

Tent fumigation was not to be applied here, as that method could have potentially damaged the tiles. We got to work by spot treating with a 3 story extension ladder—on a hillside, no less. Some of the greatest acrobatic performances combine theater, costumes, pyrotechnics, dance, and music, showcasing human greatness. Not everyone can be an acrobatic, nor can anyone be an exterminator. Both skills require professional training and experience to be performed safely (do not attempt either at home!).

Removing Termites From High Value Homes

Pest control treatments are a labor of love based on science. When we treat a client’s residential or commercial property, we understand the responsibility bestowed upon us to remove the pests in a way that respects the value of the property. However, not all pest control companies take pride in their work as an artist would. The sad truth about the professional extermination industry is that some companies chase profit without regard for preserving the integrity of the home. Heavy handed exterminators may intentionally exaggerate their diagnosis of the infestation in order to charge a higher service fee for larger scale treatments like tent fumigation rather than localized spot treatments. 

The method of treatment for any given infestation must be custom tailored to the property’s uniqueness. Our customized pest control treatment saved our client money as well as the beauty of their home.

Is Tent Fumigation Necessary?

Tent fumigation may be necessary in certain cases, but not all. Natural Science Extermination has safely and successfully fumigated many properties for our clients. However, we consider tent fumigation as the last option, not the only option.

If an exterminator insists on tent fumigation, give Natural Science Exterminating a call first—we may be able to spot treat or use natural solutions instead. 

Tent fumigation removes pests through the controlled release of gaseous termiticide, typically when pests have infested an entire property. But certain properties are not structurally suitable for tent fumigation due to limitations or restrictions.

Tent fumigation and spot treatment are different techniques that are best suited for different types of  properties and infestations. Call Natural Science Exterminating for a free termite assessment of the best solution for you.

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Protect Your Deck From Termite Damage

Summer is a beautiful time of year to create memories with family and friends. The backyard is the ultimate outdoor space to cook, dine, party, and lounge—all in the customized comfort of your own home!

The Value of A Deck

Even the most nature-loving person will admit that nature has nuisances that come with its perks.

Your backyard as nature would have it may not be the most comfortable place to seat oneself or multiple people. A deck can transform your backyard from just a simple piece of land into a truly functional and comfortable outdoor extension of your living room, dining room, and kitchen. Home exterior projects are reported to “have the greatest return on investment (ROI). A new wood deck has an average cost of $17,000 with a 66% ROI and a composite deck averages around $22,500 and has a 63% ROI.” 

The numbers prove that a deck is a worthwhile investment for the ROI alone—and that is before including the priceless value of the joy and relaxation that an outdoor living space provides. But the most common materials for decks, lumber and wood composite, happen to be what termites feed on. Termites feed on wood cellulose, causing billions of dollars of property damage every year across the United States. A deck constructed of wood that has not been professionally treated and protected from termites is essentially a buffet for colonies who are eagerly hungry to infest.

Protect Your Wood Deck

Termite damage equates to financial damage. Furthermore, a deck that has been damaged by termites has been weakened and is therefore structurally dangerous.

Celebrity actress Jamie Chung lived in her mid-century Los Angeles home for nine years before discovering that her deck was “totally termite infested”. What was initially planned to be a refinishing of her old deck during a backyard renovation led to the shocking discovery that the wood decking had never been treated to prevent termite damage. Chung’s deck had to be rebuilt entirely.

The good news is that decks can be protected from termite damage by professional treatments that are specifically designed to prevent termites, fungi, and rot. BoraCare is a salt-based solution that Orange County pest control professionals apply directly to exposed wood during the refinishing of an existing deck or the building of a new deck, lasting the life of the wood to prevent the wood from being eaten by termites.

A little bit of wear and tear is completely understandable for any deck, but it is also what termite damage is often mistaken for. Most homeowners are unaware of the treatment and care that are required for wood decking, so it is highly recommended to book professional termite inspections to detect potential infestations as soon as possible.

Termite treatments for wood repair, refinishing, or construction are often beyond the scope of standard home and deck renovations. It is best to call us to treat the wood during the refinishing of an existing deck or the construction of a new deck. If you have any questions about protecting wood decking from termites, you can call us to speak with a licensed pest control professional today. 

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What Are Certified Real Estate Home Inspection Reports?

As the pandemic hit, the world found itself faced with many difficulties that most people were not prepared for. The economy is being hit hard. Many businesses have not fully adjusted to the adversity of these unique times; many have incurred losses so severe that owners have had to shut down their operations. At the same time, the standard of living has increased. Unfortunately, limited supply causes upward pressure on prices. This is especially true for urban areas, which are especially costly to live in—everything from rent to weekly groceries can burn through your savings. Many young professionals are struggling to save for the purchase of their first home, and many existing homeowners feel the pressure to downsize. 

Every buyer wants to be assured that their future home is more than just a pretty face. That is why home inspections are a crucial part of every real estate deal. While everything may look perfect on the surface, home inspections provide a closer look at any potential concerns behind-the-scenes, through a licensed third party. 

What is a WDO Report Certification? 

They are the stuff of nightmares; WDOs (Wood Destroying Organisms) are typical in America. In fact, termites cause an average of five billion dollars of damage every year.

Along with termites, WDOs include carpenter ants, bees, and beetles. Without treatment, they eat their way through the wood that makes up the structural integrity of the house. Unless a homebuyer knows what to look for, termites can be difficult to detect with the naked eye. Thus, it could take at least three to eight years before the signs of a termite infestation are apparent. As such, many mortgage providers and states require a pest inspection. 

A WDO Report Certification is crucial in real estate deals. Without a detailed WDO real estate home inspection, you run the risk of buying a house with massive structural damage. This is every buyer’s worst nightmare, as many homeowner insurance policies do not cover any damage caused by termites and other wood-destroying organisms. 

To avoid getting stuck with costly, extensive damage that is usually not covered by homeowner’s insurance, you should always ask for a WDO inspection before finalizing the purchase of your home. If you are looking to sell your home and downsize, WDO inspection certifications are crucial to expediting the sale of your current property. If signs of damage are discovered during the inspection, you should treat the pest issues immediately. If pests are found during your inspection, wood replacement may be required. 

WDO inspection certifications give buyers confidence that they are acquiring a pest-free property. Note that not all home inspectors can officially conduct WDO inspections unless they work for a regulated and licensed pest control company with certified inspectors. Always hire an experienced and qualified termite inspector for your WDO inspection.

If you are buying or selling real estate, call us to get a certified real estate home inspection report. Natural Science Exterminating is certified in providing termite inspection, treatment, and carpentry services. 

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