Natural & Safe For Children: Commercial Pest Control For Orange County School Playground

Safe and effective pest control is important for the health and well-being of all, but especially for our children. 

Recess and before and after school play make for some of the fondest childhood memories. However, rodents, mosquitoes, and other creatures can transmit diseases and viruses to humans through contact and bites. This poses serious health risks to children, especially during their favorite outdoor activities. 

Given this concern, pest control must keep children safe from pests as well as harmful chemicals. 

Keeping Pest Control Safe For Kids, Pets, And The Environment

Pests can cause a significant degree of stress, disruption, damage, and contamination, all of which have financial and lifestyle consequences. With that, our decades of experience in the industry have shown us that consumers are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact of chemicals on human health and nature. At Natural Science Exterminating, preventing pests from wreaking havoc is just as important as keeping our clients healthy and happy. We exterminate using natural and non-toxic solutions and spot treat infestations whenever possible. 

Natural Science Exterminating works regularly with a small school in Orange County to perform pest control that is both safe for children and the environment. We use an eco-friendly general spray that removes pests and keeps them away.

Mosquitoes can transmit Zika, Dengue, West Nile, and Chikungunya viruses with a single bite, leading to rashes, fever, pain, and nausea as well as a number of serious and long-term health complications. We install an innovative and ecologically conscious mosquito trap that controls their population by killing mosquitoes and their larvae. Rather than applying chemicals or pesticides throughout the playground, the station targets mosquitoes by drawing them in. Mosquitoes are attracted to the station, where they come in contact with biocide and larvicide. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs, which hatch into larvae. The smell of the larvae lure more mosquitoes to lay their eggs inside of the trap. The larvicide kills the larvae before they develop further. 

The mosquito trap contains a net with a fungus that kills mosquitoes but does not infect humans or pets. This biologically active fungus significantly reduces the mosquito's ability to bite humans and its virus development. As the fungus kills the mosquito within a few days of entering into the trap, the mosquito may still lay eggs and transmit larvicide, but carries a much lower risk of virus transmission to humans.

As the mosquito flies out of the trap, it carries larvicide and contaminates breeding sites it comes into contact with. Even in small quantities, the larvicide kills the mosquito’s own larvae as well as larvae of mosquitoes who use the same breeding sites. 

The mosquito trap is effective across 4300 square feet. This mosquito trap is registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use and purchase by licensed pest control professionals only. It meets the industry’s green standards as a naturally sustainable mosquito control solution with biodegradable ingredients. 

At Natural Science Exterminating, we love humans more than we hate pests! As a company specializing in natural pest control and management, we are passionate about treating homes, businesses, and commercial properties with proven, non-toxic solutions with minimal downtime.

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San Clemente Tent Fumigation Combats Swarming Termites

The subterranean termite is one of the most prevalent and destructive types of termites in California. Western subterranean termites, scientifically known as Reticulitermes hesperus, are one of the most common genera of subterranean termites in the sunny state, especially in areas like San Clemente. 

While subterranean termites are known for their underground behaviors, they also wreak havoc in homes and properties above ground. Subterranean termites nest underground due to their affinity for moisture, but their foragers travel above ground in order to find their primary food source, cellulose. As termites consume cellulose inside of wood, they cause danger and costly structural damage.

Subterranean termites can forage year-round, constructing upward mud tubes with soil and termite saliva and excrement. These mud tubes are a major sign to call an exterminator immediately. 

Subterranean Termite Foragers And Swarmers

Natural Science Exterminating was called to treat a rental property in San Clemente where mud tubes emerged from beneath the kitchen floor, up along the wall. As foragers traversed the walls and surfaces, swarmers filled the room.

Swarmers are members of a termite colony, most of which are winged and reproductive. This poses two distinct challenges. Winged swarmers, with their ability to fly, exhibit widespread activity that is significantly challenging to localize and treat with spot treatment. Their reproductive nature poses the threat of potential colony expansion—the greater the colony size, the greater their potential to cause further damage.

When Is Tent Fumigation Necessary?

Natural Science Exterminating considers tent fumigation as a last resort, prioritizing natural solutions and spot treatments whenever effective. That said, the goal of extermination is to remove the colony in its entirety, leaving no possibility for survival and repopulation—and in some cases, tent fumigation is the only viable method to do that

We typically treat subterranean termites with specialized methods that directly treat the soil and foundation where the termites are nested. Tent fumigation is typically not performed to treat subterranean termites, as this method does not directly treat the infested soil or foundation.

However, the subterranean termites of this San Clemente property had escalated beyond subterranean realms. The terrible abundance of foragers and swarmers above ground caused extensive damage far beyond their subterranean nests, exceeding the scope of what would be effective with localized spot treatment.

We performed tent fumigation to remove the termites, reaching every nook and cranny. We also performed wood repair, restoring the damaged structures.

We are proud to share that our solution of tent fumigation and wood repair was a superb success. However, it is possible that the conditions that led to tent fumigation could have been avoided had preventative measures been taken.

Protect Your Property From Termites

Termite prevention is crucial for properties of all types. 

Rental properties present unique pest control challenges because it is the residents, not the property owners, who live there. Property owners and management are typically not privy to immediate knowledge of damage, unless it is noticed and reported by residents. However, residents themselves are not experts trained in pest inspection. Moreover, even if residents do notice signs, there is always the possibility they will simply choose to ignore or overlook the signs until serious disruptions or inconveniences arise, at which point natural pest solutions or spot treatments may no longer be sufficient methods of removal.

Instead of relying on residents to notice and report signs of infestation, property owners and managers are advised to proactively schedule regular pest inspections with a licensed exterminator.

Get started on pest management today with a free assessment from Natural Science Exterminating.

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Orange County’s Best Natural Exterminator: Customized And Scientific

Termite season is upon us in California!

While this is not exactly a time that calls for celebration, we wanted to commemorate a few of our coolest termite treatment successes. 

With decades in the industry, we are proud to be one of the best in Orange County pest control, especially when it comes to unique properties that cannot be tent fumigated. We’re Natural Science Exterminating for a reason: we specialize in scientifically customized, eco-friendly termite removal!

Tent fumigation is the most “absolute” method of removing termites. The controlled release of a gaseous termiticide kills the entirety of the termite colony, including their eggs. However, Natural Science Exterminating considers this tent fumigation as our last option, not the only option.

We have successfully treated homes and properties all over Orange County without tent fumigation. Many of our clients are told that tent fumigation is their only option and receive enormous treatment quotes before discovering Natural Science Exterminating. 

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, many exterminators don’t offer spot treatments or eco-friendly solutions, because methods other than tent fumigation aren’t within their realm of expertise. Secondly, some exterminators exaggerate the extent of the infestation, recommending tent fumigation when it isn’t necessary, simply because it is a higher priced treatment.

Termite Spot Treatments Of High Value Properties

Natural Science Exterminating has earned respect across Orange County for being able to carefully remove termites from properties that could not be tent fumigated due to various client concerns, most of which were in regards to preserving the property’s architecture and generational value.

We take a holistic approach to pest control with a long-term view. We use nature and science to remove termites today and prevent them from coming back tomorrow. We carefully inspect the property to determine if tent fumigation is necessary. If not, we remove termites with spot treatment, followed by the application of BoraCare, a non-toxic borate salt solution that prevents termites from digesting the wood and lasts the life of the wood when applied properly.

This client in Huntington Beach did not want to tent fumigate their classic car parts store and warehouse with a beautiful 30-foot wood ceiling. They received quotes of hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies that insisted on tent fumigation. Our client asked us to work around their many valuable treasures. We removed all termites with spot treatment, costing less than one third of the grandiose quotes from other exterminators. 

When our client discovered termites in their Santa Ana mansion, they asked if we could treat the high value property on a hillside without risking damage to its architecture and beautiful, classic Spanish tile roof. Of course, we were able to spot treat and apply BoraCare using a 3-story extension ladder!

We received the same request to remove termites from a Mission Viejo home with a Spanish tile roof, and of course, we yet again successfully removed and prevented termites with spot treatment, BoraCare, and specialized equipment with extension ladders to reach the highest points.

We had the pleasure of being hired by an HOA to remove termites without tent fumigation from their Huntington Beach apartment complex, utilizing spot treatments as the HOA specifically requested an exterminator whose methods did not require residents to vacate!

Eco-Friendly & Natural Termite Removal

Natural Science Exterminating was called specifically by the Newport Beach Commercial Termite Extermination For Department Fish And Wildlife for our safe and environmentally-friendly pest control. Located in the Newport Back Bay wetland preserve, the Department is home to the personnel, equipment, and wildlife in rehabilitation. Tent fumigation was not a viable treatment option; we performed a specific method of spot treatment to keep exotic ocean wildlife and osprey nests safe. 

There are many people in the United States and around the world who need non-toxic, chemical-free pest control. We are proud of our commitment to prioritizing all natural termite treatments, especially in our successful non-toxic, chemical-free termite treatment for a Fullerton cancer survivor's home.

Termite Removals and Pest-Proof Remodels

If you want to build a home that lasts, pest management is just as important as the construction itself. Termites are pests that cause billions worth of damage to homes across the United States.

They consume cellulose, a complex carbohydrate present in nearly every plant. Cellulose is integral to wood’s structural integrity, giving it strength, rigidity, and other properties of durability. Cellulose weaves through wood in long fibers. As termites chew through wood, they leave behind fragile, hollow material that can no longer support weight or resist force. While some termite-damaged wood studs can be restored, extensively damaged wood often requires replacement.

One of the best investments developers and owners can make in their properties is to pest-proof construction or remodels, when the wood of the interior structures are exposed—the perfect opportunities to apply termite prevention. We applied BoraCare during an Anaheim Hills remodel to prevent termites and a Costa Mesa remodel (down to the studs!) ensuring that the wood would not become a food source to termites. 

This Laguna Beach remodel called Natural Science Exterminating upon discovering termites in the midst of their project! The same thing happened to this Dana Point remodel, who requested that we work with their contractor to remove the termites without demolition. We swiftly removed the pests, allowing their projects to continue without being derailed.

Our termite removal and dry rot treatment for a Mission Viejo remodel was crucial in flipping the property for the real estate agent and owner to attract competitive offers and pass pest inspections with flying colors.

Tent Fumigation Removes Huge Termite Colonies

Natural Science Exterminating is known for prioritizing natural solutions and localized spot treatments, considering tent fumigation as the last resort. However, we also believe in being honest and realistic about the effectiveness of each type of solution. We do not believe in overpromising what a natural or local treatment can do when tenting is truly necessary.

Stubborn colonies stand no chance against tent fumigation, as the fumigant reaches every nook and cranny, even areas that aren’t accessible with other methods. Tent fumigation does not require multiple attempts, which can make life easier for owners and occupants. To ensure safety, people, pets, plants, food, medication, and elements of life are to be vacated from the premises before the property is sealed and a gaseous termiticide is released. After a designated waiting period, the property is free of termites and safe to live in.

After our careful inspections discovered a severe infestation, our client confidently authorized us to proceed with tent fumigation of San Clemente apartment units.

In another severe infestation that had plagued a client for quite some time due to another pest control company’s multiple failed spot treatments, we were called to put an end to their nightmare. We explained that the problem was deep and the previous companies underestimated the extent and never fully removed the termites. The client asked if we could carefully tent fumigate around their fragile arbors and pergolas. Our tent fumigation completely removed termites from their Lake Forest home.

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Our natural and scientific pest control methods are battle tested to triumph over termites in a wide range of property types across Orange County. Our work is licensed, bonded, and guaranteed. 

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Fullerton All Natural Exterminator | Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free For Cancer Survivor’s Home

Pest extermination may be done in a variety of different ways. In removing unwanted and invasive creatures, a key concern for many is how different chemicals will affect their health and lifestyle.

One of our clients is a cancer survivor who is very sensitive to the chemicals used in traditional extermination. Many pest control companies had told her that extermination would not be successful without tent fumigation. Determined to find a solution safe for her health, she searched for an all-natural exterminator until she found reviews of Natural Science Exterminating.

We effectively treated all affected areas of her property with orange oil and thyme oil—no chemicals!

The Importance of All Natural Extermination

There are many people in the United States and around the world who need non-toxic, chemical-free pest control.

The World Health Organization reports that “cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide.” Many survivors experience weakened immunity or heightened sensitivities as a result of cancer and cancer treatments. Furthermore, chemical sensitivities are continually reported and discussed in the medical community. 

Pest infestations can happen to anyone; termites alone cause billions of dollars of damage annually in the United States. 

Tent fumigation is the ultimate fallback—it’s a gaseous method that kills pests in every nook and cranny—but it’s also what Natural Science Exterminating considers a last resort. There are many cases in which tent fumigation is simply not an option. Each household and every property has unique characteristics, which must be carefully considered in designing a custom pest treatment plan. 

Natural Science Exterminating has powerfully and effectively removed pests from many properties without tent fumigation: apartments without inconveniencing residents to vacate, a mansion without damaging its Spanish tile roof, and even the Department of Fish and Wildlife without affecting ecological conservation!

We apply plant based solutions using our spot treatment method. The cool thing about orange oil is that it naturally dissolves the exoskeletons of termites. Another interesting fact is that BoraCare is an all-natural industry gold standard solution of borate salt; once professionally applied to raw wood, it prevents termites from consuming wood and lasts a lifetime. 

Will Natural Extermination Work For You?

It depends. It’s important that exterminators provide honest assessments of which treatments are possible and effective, especially to those who have health or lifestyle challenges. 

We will only be able to recommend certain options after inspecting your property, which is why we offer free inspections

As much as we hate termites, ants, rats and spiders, we love our customers more than we hate pests. That means we will be forthright in telling you whether or not natural or spot treatments will be effective—as in, strong enough for total removal, given the severity of the infestation.

In some cases—for instance, a persistent case of termites and multiple failed spot treatments—only tent fumigation will remove every last trace. However, there are plenty of cases in which tent fumigation is not absolutely necessary. Some pest control companies won’t mention the possibility of spot treatments working, since tent fumigation is a “one and done” and more profitable service to them. Moreover, some exterminators won’t offer a non-toxic, chemical-free, or environmentally safe method because natural solutions aren’t within their realm of expertise.

With decades of experience in residential and commercial pest control, we’ve solved plenty of unique and special challenges! Give us a call today to book your free inspection and see what we can do for you.

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Laguna Beach Real Estate Appreciates With Termite Removal And Pest Controlled Remodel

California is famous for its beautiful landscapes and real estate, which may explain why it has become a location sensation for hit reality shows like Selling Sunset, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. It can be hard for viewers to look away from the magnificent architecture and luxury that serves as the backdrop of all the drama on display! 

At Natural Science Exterminating, we were called to a stunning Laguna Beach home when the homeowner and their contractors discovered a termite colony while tearing down walls in the midst of their remodel. We are proud to share this story of how we successfully removed the termites and dry rot and also treated their remodel to pest-proof their investment. 

How Termites Affect The Value Of Your Real Estate

Real estate shows are fascinating as they vividly depict and dissect the various factors that influence the market value of a house. The homes featured on beloved real estate reality shows have earned their listing price due to a combination of factors, such as their location, size, and meticulous presentation.

Remodeling is a significant investment that can also drastically increase how much a property is worth. However the aesthetics of a home are only as valuable as long as they can be preserved with maintenance and care which includes that of pest control and management. 

While reality shows are notorious for being sensationalized, what's true in both a reality show and real life is that the real estate negotiation process involves the buyer's due diligence which includes inspection. The aesthetic beauty of a home is worth as much as the diligence with which it is preserved. Thus, what is underneath and inside of a home cannot be overlooked. 

Termite Treatments Preserve The Value Of Real Estate

Our client expressed that they felt disheartened—the termite discovery felt like a setback against the exciting new chapter of their remodel. However, they realized the blessing in disguise as the termite damage would have been exacerbated if it hadn't been discovered, costing more to repair. Upon our arrival, they were assured that they were in the right hands, and that our work would help them resume their project swimmingly.

Termites are not uncommon in Laguna Beach and the rest of California, given the biodiversity in the state. The climate is conducive to the mating and reproductive habits of termite colonies throughout the year, so without inspection and preventative measures like BoraCare, any home is potentially at risk of being hit with the health and financial consequences of a termite infestation.

Termite & Dry Rot Removal Plus Preventative BoraCare

Termites initiate structural damage by infiltrating homes through soil, entrances, or small crevices. They feed on wood for its cellulose content, excreting moisture in the process, causing dry rot, which compromises the strength of the wood fibers. Dry rot can become unsanitary and airborne, posing risks to human health. Not only is it unsightly, but it also attracts other pests.

Our approach to extermination is unique to each client. We’ve treated plenty of prestigious properties, including a Spanish tile roof mansion, 5000 sq ft barn, and even the Department of Fish and Wildlife! We prioritize spot treatments and reserve tent fumigation as a last resort. Whenever possible, we utilize plant-based solutions like orange oil, which dissolves termite exoskeletons, effectively killing them. However, if we deem tent fumigation or chemical treatments as absolutely necessary, we will always recommend what would be the most suitable treatment in the best interests of our clients. Honesty is a hallmark of our service, and we allow you to decide on the final approach.

Our aim is to eliminate the termite colony entirely. Whether the treatment plan involves spot treatment or tent fumigation, chemically or organically, we design every treatment to get the job done entirely, even when other exterminators have failed with repeat treatments

Our Laguna Beach client asked us to not only eradicate the termites and remove the dry rot, but also pest-proof their remodel, given that the demolition had opened up access to all of the affected wood structures. BoraCare is the termite prevention gold standard, a borate salt solution that effectively repels termites from consuming wood structures for the life of the wood when professionally applied to exposed wood.

If you are preparing for a remodel or construction project, ask us about our Laguna Beach pest control solutions. We safely and effectively treat and prevent even the most difficult types of termites so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without worrying about termites destroying your home.

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San Juan Capistrano Dry Rot Wood Replacement & Termite-Resistant Pressure Treatment

When it comes to repairing a damaged barn, the task can seem as daunting as trying to find a needle in a haystack!

But fear not! Calling a professional is an opportunity to save your property from collapse and prevent future damage. 

Natural Science Exterminating received a call in San Juan Capistrano for a 5000 sq ft barn that had dry rot on its beams. The beams needed to be cut and replaced as soon as possible, as the stability of the barn had been compromised, making it unsafe for use. Upon further inspection, we discovered that subterranean termites had infested underneath the property.

If your property has dry rot and pests, it can be both exterminated and restored through treatment by a licensed and experienced professional. We are proud to share how we successfully treated our client’s beautiful barn through a combination of termite extermination and wood replacement and pressure treatment. 

Do Termites Cause Dry Rot?

A common question is whether the wood has been damaged by termites or dry rot.

Dry rot is fungal decay in wood. Termites do not directly cause dry rot, however, they are attracted to the conditions of dry rot, and by their very nature, termites can create the conditions that allow dry rot to worsen. 

Termites consume cellulose, the plant fiber of wood. Seeking moisture, termites mostly feed on soft or decaying wood, while also maintaining their desired humidity level through digesting and nesting. Termites use their excretions (saliva and fecal matter) to build nests and mud tubes. Pre-existing moisture or moisture from the presence of termites can ultimately give rise to fungal growth. The fungi can penetrate wood more easily when it has already been weakened, leading to its decay.

Subterranean Termite Removal & Wood Pressure Treatment 

Tent fumigation or above ground spot treatments will not effectively remove subterranean termites, which infest the foundation and soil of the home. To exterminate subterranean termites, soil is injected with liquid insecticide, and the concrete or wood foundation is chemically treated through drilling. These treatments should only be performed by a licensed exterminator who is qualified to do so without causing contamination to various vents, ducts, and openings. 

Some properties in the United States are required to have pressure treated wood when the wood is close to or in contact with earth. Pressure treating wood involves pushing a preservative into the pores, creating a termite resistant chemical barrier. 

Combining Treatments For Dry Rot Termite Damage 

Is it possible to combine treatments that replace dry rotted wood, remove termites, and prevent termites?

Yes! Natural Science Exterminating specializes in performing pest control and prevention in conjunction with carpentry wood repair and replacement. Our combined skill set ensures that along with removing dry rot and repairing or replacing wood, we carefully inspect the property to identify all layers of possible damage and infestation. Speaking of layers, the carpentry process requires specialized expertise to work around any plumbing or wiring connections enclosed in the infested sites. If the presence of pests is detected, we are ready to eliminate every trace of infestation and prevent pests from invading again.

Natural Science Exterminating will remove infestations and treat damage altogether. During carpentry repair or replacement, we may discover and treat pests, which a typical carpenter will not be equipped for, as extermination calls for a licensed pest control professional. Occupants do not need to vacate the premises during the wood repair process. We do not paint the wood, however, we prime it to prepare for paint.

If left untreated, termite damage or dry rot can spread quickly, causing significant damage to your property. It is important to repair or replace damaged wood and remove the source of the damage as soon as possible to ensure safety.

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Rodent Removal, Decontamination, and Insulation

No stone should be left unturned when removing pests. 

To ensure a truly pest-free and pest-proof home, hire a professional who will treat your home beyond the point of removal, also repairing damage and preventing future infestations. 

We are proud to share the success of a treatment we completed for a client who called us after another exterminator did not fully get the job done, allowing water damage to occur from a rat nest that soaked an area of the ceiling. In addition to removal, we decontaminated the attic, replaced the insulation, and sealed off all possibilities of rodent re-entry.

The work of the other previous exterminator did not deliver an ultimate solution because simply killing rodents is not enough to prevent them from coming back. Rodent removal should be followed by decontamination and insulation replacement in order to restore the health and safety of your home. 

Water damage in homes or buildings are enticing to rodents who love dark and humid crawl spaces, especially in colder areas and months. The presence of moisture allows walls, floors, and ceilings to be more easily penetrable. 

Once they are inside, rodents have no respect for your home. Rodents almost always leave excrement in insulation and on surfaces, contaminating the air that circulates your home. They’ll claim the space they take up, emitting feces and urine to mark their territory. The odor from their droppings provides guidance for them to navigate back to the space using their sense of smell.. 

Rodent contamination is hazardous and dangerous. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention say that “certain diseases can spread from rodents to people through direct contact with infected rodents (for example, breathing in contaminated air, touching contaminated materials and then touching eyes, nose, or mouth, being bitten or scratched by an infected rodent, or eating food contaminated from an infected rodent).” Leptospirosis and hantavirus are infectious diseases that can spread from their bacteria. Their bodily fluids (blood, oil, feces, saliva, and urine) contain bacteria which can develop into mold and mildew, which can aggravate existing allergies and respiratory issues.  

Therefore, rodents and their traces must be removed to prevent them from finding their way back by following their territorial markings. Rodent decontamination also ensures that you, your family, and occupants of the house or building do not come into contact or exposure to the bacteria and illnesses that rodents carry. 

The damage that rodents cause to attic insulation has a directly negative impact on the efficacy of the insulation itself, which causes you to suffer from a lower degree of warmth and higher energy costs.

After removing the rodents and the rodent nest, we removed the infected insulation and replaced it with brand new pest control insulation. We sealed off all entries and openings to ensure that no new rodents would enter.

Natural Science Exterminating is qualified and licensed to sell and install specialized pest control insulation, which offers industry leading energy efficiency, fire retardation, and sound proofing. We offer installation for the only pest control insulation product on the market today with the Energy Star® label. Customers who choose to add this insulation to their homes are eligible for up to a $500 tax credit.

Give us a call today to book your inspection and appointment. 

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Huntington Beach Commercial Termite Treatment Success Story

Some places on Earth are extra special. Those places need to be protected at all costs. 

Huntington Beach is home to some of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. We received a call from a classic car parts store and warehouse with a beautiful 30-foot wood ceiling and a not-so-beautiful infestation of termites.

We’re proud to share our success story of how we exterminated all traces of infestation while ensuring that their property was protected in every possible way.

Before they discovered us at Natural Science Exterminating, our client received quotes of hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies that insisted on tent fumigation. However, spot treatment was all that was necessary to achieve maximum results, costing less than one third of those grandiose quotes. Our careful and thorough inspection determined that tent fumigation wasn’t what they needed, and therefore not what they should have been quoted for. 

The method of termite removal that should be applied depends on several factors, including the severity of the infestation. Each property must be carefully inspected prior in order to ensure that the correct method is applied. 

Why is it that property owners often get quoted for more expensive treatments than the type they actually need?

The simple purpose of a termite treatment is to kill the entirety of the termite colony, including their eggs. Most exterminators will indeed accomplish this…but at what cost, physically, financially, and environmentally? The dangerous truth about the pest control industry is that some companies prioritize profit over people. This may involve overblown quotes or misleading consultations by pest control professionals who deliberately and falsely exaggerate the extent of the issue in order to invoice you for the most expensive and hefty (yet unnecessary) service.

When considered holistically, exterminators should strive for the most effective degree of termite removal while prioritizing the health and safety of humans, pets, and plants, as well as the integrity of the property.

If you’ve seen our work and read our testimonials, you know that we go the distance in customer service and service quality, counting tent fumigation as our last resort. Tent fumigation is considered the most “absolute” method of removing termites, in that it can reach every nook and cranny through the controlled release of gaseous termiticide. However, tent fumigation can be excessive and unnecessary for localized infestations .

The best part about this success story is that our spot treatment left our client’s Huntington Beach property…spotless! We rented 3 different lifts and we covered all equipment, fenders, and product inventory. In addition to removing existing termites and their offspring through the spot treatment method, we then applied BoraCare treatment to prevent future termite invasions throughout the entire property.

Click here to learn about preventing pests with BoraCare treatments 

All of our work was entirely completed within a single day, one in which the warehouse was not in operation. 

Tent fumigation and spot treatment should be applied to different types of infestations, which is why it takes an expert to identify the best solution. Call Natural Science Exterminating and one of our trained inspectors can give you a free assessment of all the possible options. We only use termite tenting as a last resort. 

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How To Choose A Pest Control Company

Pests may be unpleasant, but working with a pest control company doesn’t have to be. When it comes to your home, you need to know who you can trust to safely and effectively remove pests.

Guaranteed Pest Control 

Not all pest control companies are created equal. In fact, not all companies are licensed, even though they should be. Pest control businesses in California must obtain a license, which certifies that they have the required knowledge and skills to treat your home. Natural Science Exterminating is licensed and bonded for your protection. With our trained and experienced professionals, our work in your home is guaranteed.

Pest Control Appointments

Infestations should be treated as soon as you discover them to prevent the pests from contaminating and damaging your home. If you have bees or wasps, it is best to book an appointment for inspection and removal as soon as possible, given that their stinging nature poses health risks to you and your family. Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year to properties across the United States by eating wood. Natural Science Exterminating is available within 24 hours for termites, bees, and wasps. 

If you would like to take preventative measures and book your appointments in advance, see which pest control companies have a reputation for commitment and punctuality. If you discover a pest control company that is fully booked weeks or months in advance, but has a reputation for missing appointments, it is best to look elsewhere. Natural Science Exterminating fulfills annual pest control contracts because we are confident in our commitment to keep your home pest-free all year round, and we have positive reviews to back it up.

Pest Control With Integrity

If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut. There are countless stories of pest control treatments gone bad. Big box retailers that offer pest control tend to appeal to homeowners by being an established, familiar entity that can offer discounts or coupons as introductory offers. But if their heart isn’t in the right place, their focus is profit—and not necessarily service quality. 

Small or local companies are a great alternative to nationwide chains, but do not base your decision solely on the basis that they aren’t corporate giants. Small businesses may lack oversight and compliance, with the owners or their employees treating properties without licenses or experience. Always choose a pest control company that is licensed, trained, and reputable.

Moreover, integrity means that the pest control company is honest in their inspection and treatment. Natural Science Exterminating is proud to be a company that will spot treat whenever possible, and tent fumigate as the last resort. Furthermore, while the pest control industry is notorious for unnecessary or excessive upsells, we do not attempt to treat more than necessary. 

Environmental Pest Control 

When it comes to pest control, some companies do not offer natural treatments as an option at all, whereas we put it right in our name. 

Natural Science Exterminating removes termites with a borate salt solution or orange oil, both of which are environmentally safe, effective, and approved by California law. We are also licensed to install Energy Star® certified insulation which provides homeowners with eligibility for a tax credit of up to $500. Moreover, this pest-resistant insulation is energy efficient, fire retardant, and sound-proofing.

If you have any questions about pest control inspection, treatment, or prevention, give a call today to see if we might be the right pest control company for you. 

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San Juan Capistrano Condo Pest Control Success Story

There’s a saying that goes: “when it rains, it pours.” Unfortunately, a property that has never been professionally treated before with pest control solutions is vulnerable to infestations, making it possible for more than one species to invade your property. 

We’re proud to share one such case of a success story of the extermination of several kinds of pests. 

Pest problems usually come as shocking discoveries to property owners. We’re ready to tackle almost any pest problem and get the job done, no matter how gnarly the situation may appear.

Our team at Natural Science Exterminating received a call from a condominium owner in San Juan Capistrano who was stunned to discover that their property was infested with rodents, roaches, and termites—right in the midst of remodeling!

Remodeling happens to be the perfect time to implement pest control solutions. Click here to learn why.

Rodent Extermination

Equipped with a keen sense of hearing, rodents can quickly make their presence unknown as soon as humans approach. However, some rodents aren’t concerned with hiding—they’ll engage in aggressive, confrontational standoffs, which can be highly dangerous. Rodents can infect humans with rabies, fleas, hantavirus, typhoid, and more through direct contact or food contamination.

In the search for food and shelter, rodents enter properties through the smallest of crevices. These entry holes must be professionally sealed to prevent them from entering. Rodent removal requires setting traps in already infested areas, and installing bait stations outside the property to lure them away entirely. 

Cockroach Extermination

​​Cockroaches love the spring and fall, as well as any environment abundant in moisture and decay. Roaches invade homes in search of food and damp spaces to lay their eggs. Cockroach reproduction must be professionally treated with growth regulators so that their eggs don’t hatch. Many property owners make the mistake of only treating the visible adult cockroaches, unaware of the new batch that is soon to emerge from their offspring. 

Termite Removal

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage every year across the United States by consuming just one type of material: cellulose. Wood and wood-based materials make up some structural component of almost every property. 

Tent fumigation (tenting a property and releasing gaseous termiticide within) is considered the most absolute method, as it affects the entire home and all of its nooks and crannies. 

However, our client’s termite infestation could not be treated with tent fumigation because the property was not a detached unit, but rather a condominium with shared walls.

Spot treatment is a localized solution that does not require tenting. Moreover, tent fumigation is an entirely chemical solution, whereas natural solutions, such as orange oil, are available for spot treatment. Following spot treatment, we pest-proofed the property by applying Bora-Care to the exposed wood. Bora-Care contains borate mineral salt and lasts the life of the wood, preventing it from becoming a food source. 

Remodels are the perfect window of opportunity to spot treat and apply Bora-Care, as the exposed wood is made physically accessible. 

Following our comprehensive treatment of rodents, cockroaches, and termites at this condominium, the owner was so impressed and pleased with our work that they decided to invest in an annual pest control contract to ensure that their property remains beautiful, safe, and pest-free all year round. 

Natural Science Exterminating is a family-owned business in Orange County with decades of pest control experience. We offer both natural and traditional treatments to rats, mice, termites, cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, bees, and other pests. 

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