Traditional Chemicals vs Natural Termite Treatment

Chances are that you failed to notice the first attack of small insects inside of your home. They usually appear in the spring season and crawl through crevices and openings while leaving behind their discarded wings. As time goes on, termites can cause serious destruction to your property and the damage may be financially burdensome. Therefore, it is necessary to be informed about termites and what to do upon their infestation.

What type of damage do termites cause?

If termite infestation is left unnoticed or untreated, it can pose serious damage to your house. Certain types of termites need more moisture; therefore, they prefer to stay close to the soil. They usually start eating away at foundational wood; these areas will need to be repaired or replaced entirely. In addition, they can attack the attic, wood inside drywall, and wood around windows and doors as well. Termites will eat away at any wood or cellulose material. There is nothing more upsetting than finding damage to your house. Like any big problem, the sooner termite damage is caught, the easier it is to remedy.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) extermination: is it effective?

In today’s digital world, many people turn to the internet to search for DIY tutorials. Some may even stumble upon and attempt a DIY termite treatment. But these creatures are not that easy to eliminate from your home. Experts reveal that termites cause almost $5 billion property damage in the United States annually; the most troublesome fact is that this cost is not covered by insurance plans. These DIY procedures are not always safe and effective against termites as most of them involve use of chemicals, poisons, and baits that can be misused if applied without experience. This can be highly dangerous if you have children or pets at home. An inexperienced or unqualified person wouldn’t know exactly how to apply these solutions safely and effectively. Therefore, instead of following DIY methods from tutorials on the internet, it is better to hire professionals for termite extermination.
Natural Science Exterminating has over 35 years of experience in termite and pest control. We use proven and effective treatments such as Bora-Care® and naturally-derived orange oil, with tent fumigation as the last resort.

Bora-Care® termiticide: a proven industry solution

Bora-Care® Termiticide is one of the most trusted and long-term effective solutions for eliminating termites. This treatment can be used for interiors and exteriors to get rid of termites fast. This product is odorless and promises low-toxicity treatment. As it is an EPA-registered solution, you can trust it to protect all types of wood at your home. It does not just stop termites; rather at the same time, it can treat other insects and pests. It can also destroy any existing decay fungi in your premises to protect against reinfestation. This is why Natural Science Exterminating uses Bora-Care® for natural and untreated wood.

Orange oil: incredible benefits of this natural treatment

Essential oils are derived from plants and they are available with different potencies; orange oil is one of the most commonly used organic solutions for treatment extermination. D-limonene is an active ingredient of orange oil and it kills termites in direct contact by breaking down their exoskeleton. At the same time, these oils also destroy their eggs so that new generations cannot attack your home again. As an alternative to traditional extermination methods, this organic and eco-friendly solution is widely recommended for termite treatment. It is effective against drywood termites, wood-boring beetles and carpenter ants. The only downside to Orange oil and eco-friendly treatments is that they can require multiple treatments to eradicate the entire infestation compared to traditional treatments that rarely require followup applications.

Both traditional termite removal methods and natural treatments are effective at stopping termite damage before it spreads but it takes an expert to identify the best solution. Before tenting your house, call Natural Science Exterminating and one of our trained inspectors can give you a free assessment of all the possible options. We only use termite tenting as a last resort. 

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Tent Fumigation Removes Laguna Niguel Drywood Termites in Roof

At Natural Science Exterminating, we consider tent fumigation as the last resort. We prioritize spot treatments and natural solutions, whenever possible, for termite removal.

Sometimes, however, our inspections uncover infestations that local and natural treatments will not be effective enough against. When we were called to a Laguna Niguel home in Orange County, California, we discovered drywood termites on the roof, deep into the fascia and tails. Spot treatment would not be effective here for several reasons. In these cases, we recommend tent fumigation as a sure-fire way to completely remove termites. Our termite treatments include a 1-year warranty that the property will remain termite-free.

When Should We Tent To Remove Termites?

Our consultations are free, and each one is an opportunity to explain the situation and our strategy to the client. As a company known for customized and natural pest control, our clients appreciate our insight and the assurance that we are taking the most well-reasoned approach, even if it involves tenting. 

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage across the country every year by consuming cellulose within wood. Drywood termites are known for burrowing into wood by creating tunnels, known as galleries, in order to nest deeply inside. This alone often makes it inaccessible for exterminators to apply treatments to the affected areas. Furthermore, the applied treatments may not penetrate the depth of the extensive galleries in order to kill the colony.

Our client’s severe case of drywood termites was heightened, quite literally, by the location of the infestation. Without tent fumigation, we ran the risk of leaving members of the colony in some parts of the roof untouched. This would allow the surviving members of the colony to repopulate and continue causing damage. 

Tent fumigation allowed us to reach every nook and cranny, without limitations to areas that are otherwise inaccessible or not visible. The process of tent fumigation starts with vacating the premises; humans, pets, food, medicine, and forms of life must be removed. The property is tightly sealed with a tent. The gaseous termiticide is released within the enclosure, killing the termite colony. After a designated waiting period, the fumigant dissipates, and residents may move back into their home, which is now termite-free.

Our job doesn’t stop with eradicating termites. In conjunction with pest control, Natural Science Exterminating is licensed to perform carpentry and wood repair to restore your home’s structural integrity. 

We emphasize the importance of protecting your home’s value by preventing new colonies from entering your home. Our BoraCare treatments last the life of the wood once applied while preventing it from becoming a food source to termites.

Call A Professional Exterminator

With decades of experience in residential and commercial pest control, our goal remains 100% customer satisfaction. While tent fumigation is our last resort, it is sometimes the best course of action. For one client who had multiple failed spot treatments performed by another pest control company, we successfully removed every trace of termites with tent fumigation.

If you have questions about pest control, management, and maintenance, give us a call today for a free consultation.

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Natural & Safe For Children: Commercial Pest Control For Orange County School Playground

Safe and effective pest control is important for the health and well-being of all, but especially for our children. 

Recess and before and after school play make for some of the fondest childhood memories. However, rodents, mosquitoes, and other creatures can transmit diseases and viruses to humans through contact and bites. This poses serious health risks to children, especially during their favorite outdoor activities. 

Given this concern, pest control must keep children safe from pests as well as harmful chemicals. 

Keeping Pest Control Safe For Kids, Pets, And The Environment

Pests can cause a significant degree of stress, disruption, damage, and contamination, all of which have financial and lifestyle consequences. With that, our decades of experience in the industry have shown us that consumers are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact of chemicals on human health and nature. At Natural Science Exterminating, preventing pests from wreaking havoc is just as important as keeping our clients healthy and happy. We exterminate using natural and non-toxic solutions and spot treat infestations whenever possible. 

Natural Science Exterminating works regularly with a small school in Orange County to perform pest control that is both safe for children and the environment. We use an eco-friendly general spray that removes pests and keeps them away.

Mosquitoes can transmit Zika, Dengue, West Nile, and Chikungunya viruses with a single bite, leading to rashes, fever, pain, and nausea as well as a number of serious and long-term health complications. We install an innovative and ecologically conscious mosquito trap that controls their population by killing mosquitoes and their larvae. Rather than applying chemicals or pesticides throughout the playground, the station targets mosquitoes by drawing them in. Mosquitoes are attracted to the station, where they come in contact with biocide and larvicide. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs, which hatch into larvae. The smell of the larvae lure more mosquitoes to lay their eggs inside of the trap. The larvicide kills the larvae before they develop further. 

The mosquito trap contains a net with a fungus that kills mosquitoes but does not infect humans or pets. This biologically active fungus significantly reduces the mosquito's ability to bite humans and its virus development. As the fungus kills the mosquito within a few days of entering into the trap, the mosquito may still lay eggs and transmit larvicide, but carries a much lower risk of virus transmission to humans.

As the mosquito flies out of the trap, it carries larvicide and contaminates breeding sites it comes into contact with. Even in small quantities, the larvicide kills the mosquito’s own larvae as well as larvae of mosquitoes who use the same breeding sites. 

The mosquito trap is effective across 4300 square feet. This mosquito trap is registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use and purchase by licensed pest control professionals only. It meets the industry’s green standards as a naturally sustainable mosquito control solution with biodegradable ingredients. 

At Natural Science Exterminating, we love humans more than we hate pests! As a company specializing in natural pest control and management, we are passionate about treating homes, businesses, and commercial properties with proven, non-toxic solutions with minimal downtime.

Give us a call today to book your free inspection and see what we can do for you.

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San Clemente Tent Fumigation Combats Swarming Termites

The subterranean termite is one of the most prevalent and destructive types of termites in California. Western subterranean termites, scientifically known as Reticulitermes hesperus, are one of the most common genera of subterranean termites in the sunny state, especially in areas like San Clemente. 

While subterranean termites are known for their underground behaviors, they also wreak havoc in homes and properties above ground. Subterranean termites nest underground due to their affinity for moisture, but their foragers travel above ground in order to find their primary food source, cellulose. As termites consume cellulose inside of wood, they cause danger and costly structural damage.

Subterranean termites can forage year-round, constructing upward mud tubes with soil and termite saliva and excrement. These mud tubes are a major sign to call an exterminator immediately. 

Subterranean Termite Foragers And Swarmers

Natural Science Exterminating was called to treat a rental property in San Clemente where mud tubes emerged from beneath the kitchen floor, up along the wall. As foragers traversed the walls and surfaces, swarmers filled the room.

Swarmers are members of a termite colony, most of which are winged and reproductive. This poses two distinct challenges. Winged swarmers, with their ability to fly, exhibit widespread activity that is significantly challenging to localize and treat with spot treatment. Their reproductive nature poses the threat of potential colony expansion—the greater the colony size, the greater their potential to cause further damage.

When Is Tent Fumigation Necessary?

Natural Science Exterminating considers tent fumigation as a last resort, prioritizing natural solutions and spot treatments whenever effective. That said, the goal of extermination is to remove the colony in its entirety, leaving no possibility for survival and repopulation—and in some cases, tent fumigation is the only viable method to do that

We typically treat subterranean termites with specialized methods that directly treat the soil and foundation where the termites are nested. Tent fumigation is typically not performed to treat subterranean termites, as this method does not directly treat the infested soil or foundation.

However, the subterranean termites of this San Clemente property had escalated beyond subterranean realms. The terrible abundance of foragers and swarmers above ground caused extensive damage far beyond their subterranean nests, exceeding the scope of what would be effective with localized spot treatment.

We performed tent fumigation to remove the termites, reaching every nook and cranny. We also performed wood repair, restoring the damaged structures.

We are proud to share that our solution of tent fumigation and wood repair was a superb success. However, it is possible that the conditions that led to tent fumigation could have been avoided had preventative measures been taken.

Protect Your Property From Termites

Termite prevention is crucial for properties of all types. 

Rental properties present unique pest control challenges because it is the residents, not the property owners, who live there. Property owners and management are typically not privy to immediate knowledge of damage, unless it is noticed and reported by residents. However, residents themselves are not experts trained in pest inspection. Moreover, even if residents do notice signs, there is always the possibility they will simply choose to ignore or overlook the signs until serious disruptions or inconveniences arise, at which point natural pest solutions or spot treatments may no longer be sufficient methods of removal.

Instead of relying on residents to notice and report signs of infestation, property owners and managers are advised to proactively schedule regular pest inspections with a licensed exterminator.

Get started on pest management today with a free assessment from Natural Science Exterminating.

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Orange County’s Best Natural Exterminator: Customized And Scientific

Termite season is upon us in California!

While this is not exactly a time that calls for celebration, we wanted to commemorate a few of our coolest termite treatment successes. 

With decades in the industry, we are proud to be one of the best in Orange County pest control, especially when it comes to unique properties that cannot be tent fumigated. We’re Natural Science Exterminating for a reason: we specialize in scientifically customized, eco-friendly termite removal!

Tent fumigation is the most “absolute” method of removing termites. The controlled release of a gaseous termiticide kills the entirety of the termite colony, including their eggs. However, Natural Science Exterminating considers this tent fumigation as our last option, not the only option.

We have successfully treated homes and properties all over Orange County without tent fumigation. Many of our clients are told that tent fumigation is their only option and receive enormous treatment quotes before discovering Natural Science Exterminating. 

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, many exterminators don’t offer spot treatments or eco-friendly solutions, because methods other than tent fumigation aren’t within their realm of expertise. Secondly, some exterminators exaggerate the extent of the infestation, recommending tent fumigation when it isn’t necessary, simply because it is a higher priced treatment.

Termite Spot Treatments Of High Value Properties

Natural Science Exterminating has earned respect across Orange County for being able to carefully remove termites from properties that could not be tent fumigated due to various client concerns, most of which were in regards to preserving the property’s architecture and generational value.

We take a holistic approach to pest control with a long-term view. We use nature and science to remove termites today and prevent them from coming back tomorrow. We carefully inspect the property to determine if tent fumigation is necessary. If not, we remove termites with spot treatment, followed by the application of BoraCare, a non-toxic borate salt solution that prevents termites from digesting the wood and lasts the life of the wood when applied properly.

This client in Huntington Beach did not want to tent fumigate their classic car parts store and warehouse with a beautiful 30-foot wood ceiling. They received quotes of hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies that insisted on tent fumigation. Our client asked us to work around their many valuable treasures. We removed all termites with spot treatment, costing less than one third of the grandiose quotes from other exterminators. 

When our client discovered termites in their Santa Ana mansion, they asked if we could treat the high value property on a hillside without risking damage to its architecture and beautiful, classic Spanish tile roof. Of course, we were able to spot treat and apply BoraCare using a 3-story extension ladder!

We received the same request to remove termites from a Mission Viejo home with a Spanish tile roof, and of course, we yet again successfully removed and prevented termites with spot treatment, BoraCare, and specialized equipment with extension ladders to reach the highest points.

We had the pleasure of being hired by an HOA to remove termites without tent fumigation from their Huntington Beach apartment complex, utilizing spot treatments as the HOA specifically requested an exterminator whose methods did not require residents to vacate!

Eco-Friendly & Natural Termite Removal

Natural Science Exterminating was called specifically by the Newport Beach Commercial Termite Extermination For Department Fish And Wildlife for our safe and environmentally-friendly pest control. Located in the Newport Back Bay wetland preserve, the Department is home to the personnel, equipment, and wildlife in rehabilitation. Tent fumigation was not a viable treatment option; we performed a specific method of spot treatment to keep exotic ocean wildlife and osprey nests safe. 

There are many people in the United States and around the world who need non-toxic, chemical-free pest control. We are proud of our commitment to prioritizing all natural termite treatments, especially in our successful non-toxic, chemical-free termite treatment for a Fullerton cancer survivor's home.

Termite Removals and Pest-Proof Remodels

If you want to build a home that lasts, pest management is just as important as the construction itself. Termites are pests that cause billions worth of damage to homes across the United States.

They consume cellulose, a complex carbohydrate present in nearly every plant. Cellulose is integral to wood’s structural integrity, giving it strength, rigidity, and other properties of durability. Cellulose weaves through wood in long fibers. As termites chew through wood, they leave behind fragile, hollow material that can no longer support weight or resist force. While some termite-damaged wood studs can be restored, extensively damaged wood often requires replacement.

One of the best investments developers and owners can make in their properties is to pest-proof construction or remodels, when the wood of the interior structures are exposed—the perfect opportunities to apply termite prevention. We applied BoraCare during an Anaheim Hills remodel to prevent termites and a Costa Mesa remodel (down to the studs!) ensuring that the wood would not become a food source to termites. 

This Laguna Beach remodel called Natural Science Exterminating upon discovering termites in the midst of their project! The same thing happened to this Dana Point remodel, who requested that we work with their contractor to remove the termites without demolition. We swiftly removed the pests, allowing their projects to continue without being derailed.

Our termite removal and dry rot treatment for a Mission Viejo remodel was crucial in flipping the property for the real estate agent and owner to attract competitive offers and pass pest inspections with flying colors.

Tent Fumigation Removes Huge Termite Colonies

Natural Science Exterminating is known for prioritizing natural solutions and localized spot treatments, considering tent fumigation as the last resort. However, we also believe in being honest and realistic about the effectiveness of each type of solution. We do not believe in overpromising what a natural or local treatment can do when tenting is truly necessary.

Stubborn colonies stand no chance against tent fumigation, as the fumigant reaches every nook and cranny, even areas that aren’t accessible with other methods. Tent fumigation does not require multiple attempts, which can make life easier for owners and occupants. To ensure safety, people, pets, plants, food, medication, and elements of life are to be vacated from the premises before the property is sealed and a gaseous termiticide is released. After a designated waiting period, the property is free of termites and safe to live in.

After our careful inspections discovered a severe infestation, our client confidently authorized us to proceed with tent fumigation of San Clemente apartment units.

In another severe infestation that had plagued a client for quite some time due to another pest control company’s multiple failed spot treatments, we were called to put an end to their nightmare. We explained that the problem was deep and the previous companies underestimated the extent and never fully removed the termites. The client asked if we could carefully tent fumigate around their fragile arbors and pergolas. Our tent fumigation completely removed termites from their Lake Forest home.

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Our natural and scientific pest control methods are battle tested to triumph over termites in a wide range of property types across Orange County. Our work is licensed, bonded, and guaranteed. 

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Fullerton All Natural Exterminator | Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free For Cancer Survivor’s Home

Pest extermination may be done in a variety of different ways. In removing unwanted and invasive creatures, a key concern for many is how different chemicals will affect their health and lifestyle.

One of our clients is a cancer survivor who is very sensitive to the chemicals used in traditional extermination. Many pest control companies had told her that extermination would not be successful without tent fumigation. Determined to find a solution safe for her health, she searched for an all-natural exterminator until she found reviews of Natural Science Exterminating.

We effectively treated all affected areas of her property with orange oil and thyme oil—no chemicals!

The Importance of All Natural Extermination

There are many people in the United States and around the world who need non-toxic, chemical-free pest control.

The World Health Organization reports that “cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide.” Many survivors experience weakened immunity or heightened sensitivities as a result of cancer and cancer treatments. Furthermore, chemical sensitivities are continually reported and discussed in the medical community. 

Pest infestations can happen to anyone; termites alone cause billions of dollars of damage annually in the United States. 

Tent fumigation is the ultimate fallback—it’s a gaseous method that kills pests in every nook and cranny—but it’s also what Natural Science Exterminating considers a last resort. There are many cases in which tent fumigation is simply not an option. Each household and every property has unique characteristics, which must be carefully considered in designing a custom pest treatment plan. 

Natural Science Exterminating has powerfully and effectively removed pests from many properties without tent fumigation: apartments without inconveniencing residents to vacate, a mansion without damaging its Spanish tile roof, and even the Department of Fish and Wildlife without affecting ecological conservation!

We apply plant based solutions using our spot treatment method. The cool thing about orange oil is that it naturally dissolves the exoskeletons of termites. Another interesting fact is that BoraCare is an all-natural industry gold standard solution of borate salt; once professionally applied to raw wood, it prevents termites from consuming wood and lasts a lifetime. 

Will Natural Extermination Work For You?

It depends. It’s important that exterminators provide honest assessments of which treatments are possible and effective, especially to those who have health or lifestyle challenges. 

We will only be able to recommend certain options after inspecting your property, which is why we offer free inspections

As much as we hate termites, ants, rats and spiders, we love our customers more than we hate pests. That means we will be forthright in telling you whether or not natural or spot treatments will be effective—as in, strong enough for total removal, given the severity of the infestation.

In some cases—for instance, a persistent case of termites and multiple failed spot treatments—only tent fumigation will remove every last trace. However, there are plenty of cases in which tent fumigation is not absolutely necessary. Some pest control companies won’t mention the possibility of spot treatments working, since tent fumigation is a “one and done” and more profitable service to them. Moreover, some exterminators won’t offer a non-toxic, chemical-free, or environmentally safe method because natural solutions aren’t within their realm of expertise.

With decades of experience in residential and commercial pest control, we’ve solved plenty of unique and special challenges! Give us a call today to book your free inspection and see what we can do for you.

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Apartment Pest Control: The Importance Of An Exterminator You Can Count On

Ownership and management of an apartment comes with significant responsibilities, one of which includes that of pest control. It is important for property managers to be aware of these obligations to ensure legal compliance, and to maintain a property that is safe and hygienic for residents and ultimately healthy for the business bottomline

Apartments owe residents a duty of care to provide comfortably habitable conditions of living and to proactively take preventative measures in the best interests of their occupants. These legal obligations are typically outlined in lease agreements. 

The skills of a reliable and meticulous exterminator are priceless in a state as abundant in pests as California. Termites cause billions of damage annually to homes across the United States. The trouble with termite presence in an apartment is that the structural proximity of units makes it easier for infestations to spread. Whether densely or sparsely populated, a single detached residential unit has much greater degrees of separation between neighbors than units of an apartment complex. 

Pest-Proof The Entire Apartment 

The destruction and risks of pest infestations in apartments can affect multiple households simultaneously, causing management to bear heavier burdens of compensation or reimbursement when issues have exacerbated to the point there being no choice but to ask residents to vacate their homes. 

The interconnected nature of apartments amplifies the crucial role of exterminators who perform services with integrity. It isn’t uncommon in the extermination companies to overstate the issue and exploit the dire situation of a property in order to squeeze as much profit as possible from owners or management. 

While we have tent fumigated a property to totally remove termites from a property where multiple spot treatments from a different exterminator (a well-known national pest control company) failed, Natural Science Exterminating considers tent fumigation as the last resort. We carefully inspect every case to determine the best course of treatment, prioritizing organic and local treatments whenever effectively possible.

We’ve successfully exterminated termites from a Huntington Beach apartment complex, where management wished for occupants to not be asked to vacate. We safely performed localized spot treatments, completely removing the termites swiftly and effectively while causing minimal disruption to the lives of the apartment residents.

Many Orange County apartments are tall, multi-level buildings, where structural integrity must be protected at all times. Termites have the dangerous natural ability to silently and quickly traverse altitudes in stealth. These wood-eaters and their potential to compromise human safety and well-being must be eliminated entirely. 

Apartment Termite Inspection And Prevention

Happy and healthy residents are the heart of a thriving apartment. Effective pest control begins with regular inspections to detect early signs of infestation, saving expenses of repair and treatment and preserving the value of the property and investment. In addition to inspection and removal, Natural Science Exterminating prevents the attack of termites with BoraCare. This industry gold standard is a mineral salt solution that penetrates wood and remains effective for a lifetime, without causing harm to the wood itself or the environment. BoraCare is considered low in toxicity to humans and pests, but it impairs or kills termites by disrupting their ability to metabolize cellulose, preventing the wood from being a food source to the termites.

Pest-proof your residential or commercial property by giving us a call today.

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Mission Viejo Termite Spot Treatment Flips House With Termites Into High-Value Real Estate

Shows like "The Flipping El Moussas" pull back the curtain on the fascinating and drastic transformations of homes that go from outdated and dilapidated to fresh and functional.

We are proud to share the success story of how Natural Science Exterminating collaborated with a remodeling contractor to revitalize a home from the inside out, putting it onto the market looking as good as new: termite-free and ready to sell!

The Power of Pest Control

Presentation is everything. What buyers see during an open house will determine whether or not they can envision themselves making the house their home. Renovations and remodeling can demolish, rebuild, paint, and decorate the most seemingly ordinary house into a million dollar listing that makes a lasting first impression and attracts competitive offers.

Pest control also heavily impacts the value of real estate. Pest control inspections, treatments, and prevention can preserve, and even appreciate, the value of the property for generations. During the final stages of a real estate transaction, buyers often hire a home inspector. The discovery of pest and damage can lead to delays in the sale, negotiations that lower the price, or even the rescinding of the offer by the buyer due to unforeseen or undisclosed property conditions.

Pest control inspections assist sellers and agents in addressing potential issues that could hinder or sabotage a sale. 

California's biodiversity brings year-round pest activity, making pest control essential. Termites are a species of insects that target wood specifically to feed on cellulose, inflicting billions of dollars of damage on unprotected properties every year in the United States.

The house of our Mission Viejo client needed a remodel, as well as treatment on the termites that caused wood damage and exacerbated dry rot.

Dry rot is fungal decay in wood, and termites are attracted to its conditions. They can worsen dry rot, which is unsanitary and airborne, posing risks to human health while further attracting pests of different kinds.

Termite Spot Treatment with Dry Rot Removal & Wood Repair

Natural Science Exterminating specializes in pest treatments combined with carpentry wood repair and replacement. We begin treatment only after a thorough inspection that identifies all layers of damage and infestation.

To the client’s relief, their Mission Viejo home had an area of infestation that did not require us to tent fumigate. Once the termites were removed with our spot treatment, we proceeded to repair and replace the wood, which is a process that requires specialized expertise to work around plumbing or wiring connections. 

It is crucial to note that an exterminator specializing in carpentry differs from a remodeling contractor. Our services are a dynamic duo where a remodeling contractor enhances aesthetics and floor plans, while pest control exterminators remove pests, treat wood, and apply preventative treatments. We do not paint the wood, however, we prime it to prepare for paint.

By discovering and treating termites and dry rot during the remodel, we proactively addressed potential setbacks that could have derailed a seamless transaction. 

Upon completing the inner and outer transformation of the house, our client and their agent were ready to post a “for sale” sign and host open houses! They were excited to bring their property to market with a listing that would not only attract competitive offers but also pass pest inspections with flying colors!

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Apartment Termite Treatment Keeps HOA & Residents Happy At Huntington Beach Complex

Living in an apartment complex certainly has its perks. Each household enjoys the privacy of their own unit while still being part of a collective. This typically means that residents have access to shared amenities, a luxury they might not have in other living arrangements. People who choose apartment living often do so for professional, financial, or personal reasons, particularly the peace of mind in knowing that management takes care of all property and maintenance affairs.

The greatest aspect of apartment living is, ultimately, the sense of community. And you know who else loves community? Pests! They live in colonies.

Apartment Termite Treatment

While most online resources discuss pest control in the context of homeowners and residents of single-family homes, in Natural Science Exterminating success stories, we encompass all property types, from businesses and government buildings to mansions, detached houses, townhouses, and, of course, apartments.

To preface, any property can potentially be infiltrated by pests, especially in a bio-diverse state like California. What makes apartment extermination unique from treating houses? At Natural Science Exterminating, we're experts at pest extermination for HOAs and apartment complexes. We understand the impact termites have on conjoined residential units, affecting operations and the comfort of residents. The removal of termites is crucial for the safety and hygiene of individuals and families, as well as to protect property owners from costly termite damages that amount to billions of dollars across the United States.

Tent fumigation, the release of gaseous termiticide enveloping the entire property, results in the thorough eradication of termites. However, this method requires humans, pets, and other forms of life to vacate the premises for the duration of the treatment, as well as a designated post-treatment waiting period. Thus, Natural Science Exterminating considers this method a last resort, especially when localized spot treatments and organic solutions are specialties we are known for.

Does Apartment Extermination Require Residents To Vacate? 

The management of this particular Huntington Beach apartment complex wished to ensure the extermination of all termites without pursuing tent fumigation, allowing everyone to stay in place without having to vacate. When pests have infiltrated a property or living arrangement where tent fumigation might not be feasible, you can count on Natural Science Exterminating to perform safe and effective localized spot treatments, removing the termite colony swiftly and effectively while causing minimal disruption to residents' lives.

This targeted approach allowed residents to continue with their daily lives (while the termites did not!). 

As always, we recommend annual pest inspections for the early detection of unwanted invasions, which can save time, money, and a headache down the road. We closely examine and inspect the property and its perimeter to ensure that we capture the full scope of the issue before commencing any work.

Communication is key, especially when multiple parties are involved. Our exterminators communicate the treatment plan to the property owners prior to commencing work. We also ensure that management is updated on the progress of the treatment throughout its duration so they can communicate with residents.

Natural Science Extermination has safely and successfully fumigated many properties for our clients. Tent fumigation and spot treatment are different techniques that are best suited for different types of  properties and infestations. Call Natural Science Exterminating for a free termite assessment of the best solution for you.

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Laguna Beach Real Estate Appreciates With Termite Removal And Pest Controlled Remodel

California is famous for its beautiful landscapes and real estate, which may explain why it has become a location sensation for hit reality shows like Selling Sunset, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. It can be hard for viewers to look away from the magnificent architecture and luxury that serves as the backdrop of all the drama on display! 

At Natural Science Exterminating, we were called to a stunning Laguna Beach home when the homeowner and their contractors discovered a termite colony while tearing down walls in the midst of their remodel. We are proud to share this story of how we successfully removed the termites and dry rot and also treated their remodel to pest-proof their investment. 

How Termites Affect The Value Of Your Real Estate

Real estate shows are fascinating as they vividly depict and dissect the various factors that influence the market value of a house. The homes featured on beloved real estate reality shows have earned their listing price due to a combination of factors, such as their location, size, and meticulous presentation.

Remodeling is a significant investment that can also drastically increase how much a property is worth. However the aesthetics of a home are only as valuable as long as they can be preserved with maintenance and care which includes that of pest control and management. 

While reality shows are notorious for being sensationalized, what's true in both a reality show and real life is that the real estate negotiation process involves the buyer's due diligence which includes inspection. The aesthetic beauty of a home is worth as much as the diligence with which it is preserved. Thus, what is underneath and inside of a home cannot be overlooked. 

Termite Treatments Preserve The Value Of Real Estate

Our client expressed that they felt disheartened—the termite discovery felt like a setback against the exciting new chapter of their remodel. However, they realized the blessing in disguise as the termite damage would have been exacerbated if it hadn't been discovered, costing more to repair. Upon our arrival, they were assured that they were in the right hands, and that our work would help them resume their project swimmingly.

Termites are not uncommon in Laguna Beach and the rest of California, given the biodiversity in the state. The climate is conducive to the mating and reproductive habits of termite colonies throughout the year, so without inspection and preventative measures like BoraCare, any home is potentially at risk of being hit with the health and financial consequences of a termite infestation.

Termite & Dry Rot Removal Plus Preventative BoraCare

Termites initiate structural damage by infiltrating homes through soil, entrances, or small crevices. They feed on wood for its cellulose content, excreting moisture in the process, causing dry rot, which compromises the strength of the wood fibers. Dry rot can become unsanitary and airborne, posing risks to human health. Not only is it unsightly, but it also attracts other pests.

Our approach to extermination is unique to each client. We’ve treated plenty of prestigious properties, including a Spanish tile roof mansion, 5000 sq ft barn, and even the Department of Fish and Wildlife! We prioritize spot treatments and reserve tent fumigation as a last resort. Whenever possible, we utilize plant-based solutions like orange oil, which dissolves termite exoskeletons, effectively killing them. However, if we deem tent fumigation or chemical treatments as absolutely necessary, we will always recommend what would be the most suitable treatment in the best interests of our clients. Honesty is a hallmark of our service, and we allow you to decide on the final approach.

Our aim is to eliminate the termite colony entirely. Whether the treatment plan involves spot treatment or tent fumigation, chemically or organically, we design every treatment to get the job done entirely, even when other exterminators have failed with repeat treatments

Our Laguna Beach client asked us to not only eradicate the termites and remove the dry rot, but also pest-proof their remodel, given that the demolition had opened up access to all of the affected wood structures. BoraCare is the termite prevention gold standard, a borate salt solution that effectively repels termites from consuming wood structures for the life of the wood when professionally applied to exposed wood.

If you are preparing for a remodel or construction project, ask us about our Laguna Beach pest control solutions. We safely and effectively treat and prevent even the most difficult types of termites so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without worrying about termites destroying your home.

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Termite BoraCare Prevention Treatment Protects Investment And Beauty of Costa Mesa Remodeling Expansion

A remodel is a significant undertaking. Planning and finalizing a remodel involves a commitment in structurally altering your home and investing a substantial amount of money to enhance its function and value, with the hope of long lasting enjoyment.

When one of our clients decided to remodel their Costa Mesa home down to the studs for an expansion, they called Natural Science Exterminating for a termite inspection and BoraCare termite prevention treatment. 

Protect Your Home For Generations

Termites are quite common in California, causing countless people to worry about the longevity of their homes. Any untreated wood can is at risk of termite damage, which has financial and structural consequences. 

Our client, like many homeowners in Orange County, wanted to be confident that their property would endure for generations to come, and retain its market value if ever sold. Their studs-out remodel involved stripping away the existing drywall, revealing the existing studs. Their goal was to incorporate new framing over and around the existing structure. This presented a unique opportunity to address any existing termite damage and prevent future infestations.

Preventatively treating your home against pests offers significant advantages. Applying BoraCare during a remodel is logistically efficient. BoraCare treatment requires direct application of the solution onto the wood, which means that walls must be opened up in order for the wood to be physically accessible. A remodel is a smashing opportunity to maximize time and space for proactive pest control. Once your remodel is complete, you can further enjoy peace of mind in its investment value and beauty.

The Science of Cellulose & BoraCare

Termites are among the most destructive yet inconspicuous pests. They consume cellulose, a complex carbohydrate present in nearly every plant. Cellulose is integral to wood's structural integrity, giving it strength, rigidity, and other properties of durability.

Cellulose weaves through wood in long fibers. As termites chew through wood, they leave behind fragile, hollow material that can no longer support weight or resist force. While some termite-damaged wood studs can be restored, extensively damaged wood often requires replacement. These repairs and replacements can be costly, depending on the extent of the damage. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent infestations altogether in order to avoid damage and the potentially exorbitant costs.

BoraCare is a solution consisting of a mineral salt and a form of elemental boron that penetrates wood and remains effective for a lifetime, without causing harm to the wood itself or the environment. It is considered low in toxicity to humans and pests, but it impairs or kills termites by disrupting their ability to metabolize cellulose. The transfer effect ensures that the entire colony no longer perceives the wood as a food source.

If you are preparing for a remodel or construction project, ask us about our Orange County pest control solutions. We safely and effectively treat and prevent even the most difficult types of termites so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without worrying about termites destroying your home.

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