Living in an apartment complex certainly has its perks. Each household enjoys the privacy of their own unit while still being part of a collective. This typically means that residents have access to shared amenities, a luxury they might not have in other living arrangements. People who choose apartment living often do so for professional, financial, or personal reasons, particularly the peace of mind in knowing that management takes care of all property and maintenance affairs.

The greatest aspect of apartment living is, ultimately, the sense of community. And you know who else loves community? Pests! They live in colonies.

Apartment Termite Treatment

While most online resources discuss pest control in the context of homeowners and residents of single-family homes, in Natural Science Exterminating success stories, we encompass all property types, from businesses and government buildings to mansions, detached houses, townhouses, and, of course, apartments.

To preface, any property can potentially be infiltrated by pests, especially in a bio-diverse state like California. What makes apartment extermination unique from treating houses? At Natural Science Exterminating, we’re experts at pest extermination for HOAs and apartment complexes. We understand the impact termites have on conjoined residential units, affecting operations and the comfort of residents. The removal of termites is crucial for the safety and hygiene of individuals and families, as well as to protect property owners from costly termite damages that amount to billions of dollars across the United States.

Tent fumigation, the release of gaseous termiticide enveloping the entire property, results in the thorough eradication of termites. However, this method requires humans, pets, and other forms of life to vacate the premises for the duration of the treatment, as well as a designated post-treatment waiting period. Thus, Natural Science Exterminating considers this method a last resort, especially when localized spot treatments and organic solutions are specialties we are known for.

Does Apartment Extermination Require Residents To Vacate? 

The management of this particular Huntington Beach apartment complex wished to ensure the extermination of all termites without pursuing tent fumigation, allowing everyone to stay in place without having to vacate. When pests have infiltrated a property or living arrangement where tent fumigation might not be feasible, you can count on Natural Science Exterminating to perform safe and effective localized spot treatments, removing the termite colony swiftly and effectively while causing minimal disruption to residents’ lives.

This targeted approach allowed residents to continue with their daily lives (while the termites did not!). 

As always, we recommend annual pest inspections for the early detection of unwanted invasions, which can save time, money, and a headache down the road. We closely examine and inspect the property and its perimeter to ensure that we capture the full scope of the issue before commencing any work.

Communication is key, especially when multiple parties are involved. Our exterminators communicate the treatment plan to the property owners prior to commencing work. We also ensure that management is updated on the progress of the treatment throughout its duration so they can communicate with residents.

Natural Science Extermination has safely and successfully fumigated many properties for our clients. Tent fumigation and spot treatment are different techniques that are best suited for different types of  properties and infestations. Call Natural Science Exterminating for a free termite assessment of the best solution for you.

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