Shows like “The Flipping El Moussas” pull back the curtain on the fascinating and drastic transformations of homes that go from outdated and dilapidated to fresh and functional.

We are proud to share the success story of how Natural Science Exterminating collaborated with a remodeling contractor to revitalize a home from the inside out, putting it onto the market looking as good as new: termite-free and ready to sell!

The Power of Pest Control

Presentation is everything. What buyers see during an open house will determine whether or not they can envision themselves making the house their home. Renovations and remodeling can demolish, rebuild, paint, and decorate the most seemingly ordinary house into a million dollar listing that makes a lasting first impression and attracts competitive offers.

Pest control also heavily impacts the value of real estate. Pest control inspections, treatments, and prevention can preserve, and even appreciate, the value of the property for generations. During the final stages of a real estate transaction, buyers often hire a home inspector. The discovery of pest and damage can lead to delays in the sale, negotiations that lower the price, or even the rescinding of the offer by the buyer due to unforeseen or undisclosed property conditions.

Pest control inspections assist sellers and agents in addressing potential issues that could hinder or sabotage a sale. 

California’s biodiversity brings year-round pest activity, making pest control essential. Termites are a species of insects that target wood specifically to feed on cellulose, inflicting billions of dollars of damage on unprotected properties every year in the United States.

The house of our Mission Viejo client needed a remodel, as well as treatment on the termites that caused wood damage and exacerbated dry rot.

Dry rot is fungal decay in wood, and termites are attracted to its conditions. They can worsen dry rot, which is unsanitary and airborne, posing risks to human health while further attracting pests of different kinds.

Termite Spot Treatment with Dry Rot Removal & Wood Repair

Natural Science Exterminating specializes in pest treatments combined with carpentry wood repair and replacement. We begin treatment only after a thorough inspection that identifies all layers of damage and infestation.

To the client’s relief, their Mission Viejo home had an area of infestation that did not require us to tent fumigate. Once the termites were removed with our spot treatment, we proceeded to repair and replace the wood, which is a process that requires specialized expertise to work around plumbing or wiring connections. 

It is crucial to note that an exterminator specializing in carpentry differs from a remodeling contractor. Our services are a dynamic duo where a remodeling contractor enhances aesthetics and floor plans, while pest control exterminators remove pests, treat wood, and apply preventative treatments. We do not paint the wood, however, we prime it to prepare for paint.

By discovering and treating termites and dry rot during the remodel, we proactively addressed potential setbacks that could have derailed a seamless transaction. 

Upon completing the inner and outer transformation of the house, our client and their agent were ready to post a “for sale” sign and host open houses! They were excited to bring their property to market with a listing that would not only attract competitive offers but also pass pest inspections with flying colors!

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