Ownership and management of an apartment comes with significant responsibilities, one of which includes that of pest control. It is important for property managers to be aware of these obligations to ensure legal compliance, and to maintain a property that is safe and hygienic for residents and ultimately healthy for the business bottomline

Apartments owe residents a duty of care to provide comfortably habitable conditions of living and to proactively take preventative measures in the best interests of their occupants. These legal obligations are typically outlined in lease agreements. 

The skills of a reliable and meticulous exterminator are priceless in a state as abundant in pests as California. Termites cause billions of damage annually to homes across the United States. The trouble with termite presence in an apartment is that the structural proximity of units makes it easier for infestations to spread. Whether densely or sparsely populated, a single detached residential unit has much greater degrees of separation between neighbors than units of an apartment complex. 

Pest-Proof The Entire Apartment 

The destruction and risks of pest infestations in apartments can affect multiple households simultaneously, causing management to bear heavier burdens of compensation or reimbursement when issues have exacerbated to the point there being no choice but to ask residents to vacate their homes. 

The interconnected nature of apartments amplifies the crucial role of exterminators who perform services with integrity. It isn’t uncommon in the extermination companies to overstate the issue and exploit the dire situation of a property in order to squeeze as much profit as possible from owners or management. 

While we have tent fumigated a property to totally remove termites from a property where multiple spot treatments from a different exterminator (a well-known national pest control company) failed, Natural Science Exterminating considers tent fumigation as the last resort. We carefully inspect every case to determine the best course of treatment, prioritizing organic and local treatments whenever effectively possible.

We’ve successfully exterminated termites from a Huntington Beach apartment complex, where management wished for occupants to not be asked to vacate. We safely performed localized spot treatments, completely removing the termites swiftly and effectively while causing minimal disruption to the lives of the apartment residents.

Many Orange County apartments are tall, multi-level buildings, where structural integrity must be protected at all times. Termites have the dangerous natural ability to silently and quickly traverse altitudes in stealth. These wood-eaters and their potential to compromise human safety and well-being must be eliminated entirely. 

Apartment Termite Inspection And Prevention

Happy and healthy residents are the heart of a thriving apartment. Effective pest control begins with regular inspections to detect early signs of infestation, saving expenses of repair and treatment and preserving the value of the property and investment. In addition to inspection and removal, Natural Science Exterminating prevents the attack of termites with BoraCare. This industry gold standard is a mineral salt solution that penetrates wood and remains effective for a lifetime, without causing harm to the wood itself or the environment. BoraCare is considered low in toxicity to humans and pests, but it impairs or kills termites by disrupting their ability to metabolize cellulose, preventing the wood from being a food source to the termites.

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