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Natural Science Exterminating is available within 24 hours for bee, termite and wasp infestations.


You and your family matter to us and make our livelihood possible. Our Goal: 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Residential and Commercial Termite & Pest Control


The company president, David de Graw, has been at the forefront of the pest control industry since in 1983. David is immersed in the latest technologies in pest control and extermination, blending them with most current, industry-approved methods already proven both safe and effective.

Licensed & Trained Technicians

Environmentally Safe & Effective

Licensed Pest Control Insulation Installer

Currently Natural Science Exterminating exterminates termites with borates and orange oil, both of which are environmentally safe and very effective. Natural Science Exterminating is also licensed to install new energy efficient, fire retardant, sound-proofing, pest control insulation. This insulation is the only pest control product with the Energy Star® label on it. Customers who chose to add this insulation to their homes are eligible for a tax credit up to $500.

Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. By using pest control best practices, fully trained and licensed technicians, a client-centric approach and a healthy respect for the environment and our customer’s family, property and belongings is what drives us. Yeah, we hate termites, ants, rats and spiders… but we love our customers more than we hate pests.

Your Family, Home, Plants & Pets Are All Safe With Natural Science Exterminating

Effectively killing termites and other pests with Orange Oil, Borates and other safe treatments keeps you, your loved ones and your property protected.