At Natural Science Exterminating, we consider tent fumigation as the last resort. We prioritize spot treatments and natural solutions, whenever possible, for termite removal.

Sometimes, however, our inspections uncover infestations that local and natural treatments will not be effective enough against. When we were called to a Laguna Niguel home in Orange County, California, we discovered drywood termites on the roof, deep into the fascia and tails. Spot treatment would not be effective here for several reasons. In these cases, we recommend tent fumigation as a sure-fire way to completely remove termites. Our termite treatments include a 1-year warranty that the property will remain termite-free.

When Should We Tent To Remove Termites?

Our consultations are free, and each one is an opportunity to explain the situation and our strategy to the client. As a company known for customized and natural pest control, our clients appreciate our insight and the assurance that we are taking the most well-reasoned approach, even if it involves tenting. 

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage across the country every year by consuming cellulose within wood. Drywood termites are known for burrowing into wood by creating tunnels, known as galleries, in order to nest deeply inside. This alone often makes it inaccessible for exterminators to apply treatments to the affected areas. Furthermore, the applied treatments may not penetrate the depth of the extensive galleries in order to kill the colony.

Our client’s severe case of drywood termites was heightened, quite literally, by the location of the infestation. Without tent fumigation, we ran the risk of leaving members of the colony in some parts of the roof untouched. This would allow the surviving members of the colony to repopulate and continue causing damage. 

Tent fumigation allowed us to reach every nook and cranny, without limitations to areas that are otherwise inaccessible or not visible. The process of tent fumigation starts with vacating the premises; humans, pets, food, medicine, and forms of life must be removed. The property is tightly sealed with a tent. The gaseous termiticide is released within the enclosure, killing the termite colony. After a designated waiting period, the fumigant dissipates, and residents may move back into their home, which is now termite-free.

Our job doesn’t stop with eradicating termites. In conjunction with pest control, Natural Science Exterminating is licensed to perform carpentry and wood repair to restore your home’s structural integrity. 

We emphasize the importance of protecting your home’s value by preventing new colonies from entering your home. Our BoraCare treatments last the life of the wood once applied while preventing it from becoming a food source to termites.

Call A Professional Exterminator

With decades of experience in residential and commercial pest control, our goal remains 100% customer satisfaction. While tent fumigation is our last resort, it is sometimes the best course of action. For one client who had multiple failed spot treatments performed by another pest control company, we successfully removed every trace of termites with tent fumigation.

If you have questions about pest control, management, and maintenance, give us a call today for a free consultation.

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