Professional Rodent Decontamination For Your Attic With Pest Control Insulation

It’s 3am and you can’t sleep because noises are coming from your attic. 

Many homeowners have been there, with our imagination running wild through every possibility—even wondering if paranormal activity might be real.

Attic Inspection and Decontamination

If you have discovered droppings or heard noises in your home, you may have rodents. The attic may be a scary place but rodent contamination is truly the stuff of nightmares. Many homeowners haphazardly try to clean up the place by themselves, unwittingly exposing themselves to danger. Rodents can carry Leptospirosis and Hantavirus and their waste can be the source of airborne diseases. Their bodily fluids (blood, oil, feces, saliva, and urine) contain bacteria which can develop into mold and mildew, which are hazardous to the health of you and your loved ones. Such biohazardous material must be properly disposed of. 

Rodent removal and decontamination requires more than a simple cleanup and placing a few traps. Rodents know how to hide when they hear humans approaching, and can easily make themselves undetectable to the untrained eye. Without thorough professional investigation, it may be impossible to know where to find and remove them. What’s worse is that they can become aggressive and bite when they feel threatened by human presence, which can leave you or your loved ones injured and infected. 

Rodent extermination and attic decontamination require professional training, equipment, and protection. Delaying pest control inspections and treatments can cause more damage as time goes on. Left untreated, the rodents may breed, or the mere presence of them can draw in other rodents to further invade your home. 

Rodent Pest Control Insulation

The rodent droppings can also be stuck in the insulation, which is what the air in your home passes through. The air that circulates throughout your home will be infected by the disease and odor of the droppings. This is both unbearable and unsanitary. 

Rodents can easily pass through small cracks and spaces within your home, searching for sustenance from your own family’s food supply. Food contamination poses serious health risks.

Natural Science Exterminating is qualified and licensed to sell and install specialized pest control insulation, which offers industry leading energy efficiency, fire retardation, and sound proofing. We offer installation for the only pest control insulation product on the market today with the Energy Star® label. Customers who choose to add this insulation to their homes are eligible for up to a $500 tax credit.

Prior to decontamination, your home will be thoroughly inspected. Your home will then be prepped for decontamination with proper safety protocols. The attic insulation will be removed and the affected areas will be decontaminated and sanitized before installing fresh new pest control insulation. 

We recommend calling the professionals to treat your home with the safest and most effective pest control. Early detection and treatment can save your home from damage and prevent you and your family from becoming infected and ill. 

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