Termite season is upon us in California!

While this is not exactly a time that calls for celebration, we wanted to commemorate a few of our coolest termite treatment successes. 

With decades in the industry, we are proud to be one of the best in Orange County pest control, especially when it comes to unique properties that cannot be tent fumigated. We’re Natural Science Exterminating for a reason: we specialize in scientifically customized, eco-friendly termite removal!

Tent fumigation is the most “absolute” method of removing termites. The controlled release of a gaseous termiticide kills the entirety of the termite colony, including their eggs. However, Natural Science Exterminating considers this tent fumigation as our last option, not the only option.

We have successfully treated homes and properties all over Orange County without tent fumigation. Many of our clients are told that tent fumigation is their only option and receive enormous treatment quotes before discovering Natural Science Exterminating. 

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, many exterminators don’t offer spot treatments or eco-friendly solutions, because methods other than tent fumigation aren’t within their realm of expertise. Secondly, some exterminators exaggerate the extent of the infestation, recommending tent fumigation when it isn’t necessary, simply because it is a higher priced treatment.

Termite Spot Treatments Of High Value Properties

Natural Science Exterminating has earned respect across Orange County for being able to carefully remove termites from properties that could not be tent fumigated due to various client concerns, most of which were in regards to preserving the property’s architecture and generational value.

We take a holistic approach to pest control with a long-term view. We use nature and science to remove termites today and prevent them from coming back tomorrow. We carefully inspect the property to determine if tent fumigation is necessary. If not, we remove termites with spot treatment, followed by the application of BoraCare, a non-toxic borate salt solution that prevents termites from digesting the wood and lasts the life of the wood when applied properly.

This client in Huntington Beach did not want to tent fumigate their classic car parts store and warehouse with a beautiful 30-foot wood ceiling. They received quotes of hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies that insisted on tent fumigation. Our client asked us to work around their many valuable treasures. We removed all termites with spot treatment, costing less than one third of the grandiose quotes from other exterminators. 

When our client discovered termites in their Santa Ana mansion, they asked if we could treat the high value property on a hillside without risking damage to its architecture and beautiful, classic Spanish tile roof. Of course, we were able to spot treat and apply BoraCare using a 3-story extension ladder!

We received the same request to remove termites from a Mission Viejo home with a Spanish tile roof, and of course, we yet again successfully removed and prevented termites with spot treatment, BoraCare, and specialized equipment with extension ladders to reach the highest points.

We had the pleasure of being hired by an HOA to remove termites without tent fumigation from their Huntington Beach apartment complex, utilizing spot treatments as the HOA specifically requested an exterminator whose methods did not require residents to vacate!

Eco-Friendly & Natural Termite Removal

Natural Science Exterminating was called specifically by the Newport Beach Commercial Termite Extermination For Department Fish And Wildlife for our safe and environmentally-friendly pest control. Located in the Newport Back Bay wetland preserve, the Department is home to the personnel, equipment, and wildlife in rehabilitation. Tent fumigation was not a viable treatment option; we performed a specific method of spot treatment to keep exotic ocean wildlife and osprey nests safe. 

There are many people in the United States and around the world who need non-toxic, chemical-free pest control. We are proud of our commitment to prioritizing all natural termite treatments, especially in our successful non-toxic, chemical-free termite treatment for a Fullerton cancer survivor’s home.

Termite Removals and Pest-Proof Remodels

If you want to build a home that lasts, pest management is just as important as the construction itself. Termites are pests that cause billions worth of damage to homes across the United States.

They consume cellulose, a complex carbohydrate present in nearly every plant. Cellulose is integral to wood’s structural integrity, giving it strength, rigidity, and other properties of durability. Cellulose weaves through wood in long fibers. As termites chew through wood, they leave behind fragile, hollow material that can no longer support weight or resist force. While some termite-damaged wood studs can be restored, extensively damaged wood often requires replacement.

One of the best investments developers and owners can make in their properties is to pest-proof construction or remodels, when the wood of the interior structures are exposed—the perfect opportunities to apply termite prevention. We applied BoraCare during an Anaheim Hills remodel to prevent termites and a Costa Mesa remodel (down to the studs!) ensuring that the wood would not become a food source to termites. 

This Laguna Beach remodel called Natural Science Exterminating upon discovering termites in the midst of their project! The same thing happened to this Dana Point remodel, who requested that we work with their contractor to remove the termites without demolition. We swiftly removed the pests, allowing their projects to continue without being derailed.

Our termite removal and dry rot treatment for a Mission Viejo remodel was crucial in flipping the property for the real estate agent and owner to attract competitive offers and pass pest inspections with flying colors.

Tent Fumigation Removes Huge Termite Colonies

Natural Science Exterminating is known for prioritizing natural solutions and localized spot treatments, considering tent fumigation as the last resort. However, we also believe in being honest and realistic about the effectiveness of each type of solution. We do not believe in overpromising what a natural or local treatment can do when tenting is truly necessary.

Stubborn colonies stand no chance against tent fumigation, as the fumigant reaches every nook and cranny, even areas that aren’t accessible with other methods. Tent fumigation does not require multiple attempts, which can make life easier for owners and occupants. To ensure safety, people, pets, plants, food, medication, and elements of life are to be vacated from the premises before the property is sealed and a gaseous termiticide is released. After a designated waiting period, the property is free of termites and safe to live in.

After our careful inspections discovered a severe infestation, our client confidently authorized us to proceed with tent fumigation of San Clemente apartment units.

In another severe infestation that had plagued a client for quite some time due to another pest control company’s multiple failed spot treatments, we were called to put an end to their nightmare. We explained that the problem was deep and the previous companies underestimated the extent and never fully removed the termites. The client asked if we could carefully tent fumigate around their fragile arbors and pergolas. Our tent fumigation completely removed termites from their Lake Forest home.

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Our natural and scientific pest control methods are battle tested to triumph over termites in a wide range of property types across Orange County. Our work is licensed, bonded, and guaranteed. 

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