Termite Control & Extermination

There are two types of wooden homes and other buildings: 1) those that have termites, and 2) those that will get them. Especially in warm, moist environments like Southern California (especially in coastal areas like Orange County), termite infestations can occur during any season. And termites can reoccur quickly if your exterminator doesn’t do a thorough job.

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You May Not See Termites, But They’re There

There are two types of termites: subterranean termites and drywood termites. Subterranean termites, as the name suggests, live underground in elaborate tunnel systems and access their food source, wood, above ground. Drywood termites live within the wood itself and consume the wood as they burrow.

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Your Home is a Termite Buffet

Both termite types are found just about everywhere there’s a food source (any and all kinds of wood) and migrate often (swarm), usually in the spring. Winged termites can be spotted near windows and doors as they look for new living quarters (your home, furniture and patio covers). Termites are a constant threat and can appear anytime and anywhere.

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Many Termite Inspections Fail to Locate All Termite Infestations

Like all animals, termites (and all other insect pests) require water and food to sustain themselves. Keeping your home free of leaky pipes, garden hoses, standing water and other sources of moisture will deter them. Keep free standing food sources such as woodpiles, tree stumps and mulch build-up from contact with outside walls and regular termite inspections also helps reduce the likelihood of an infestation.

Signs of an infestation include (but are not limited to):

  • Signs of a swarm of winged insects in or around your home
  • Cracked or bubbling paint or termite droppings (frass)
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams or in crawl spaces
  • Discarded wings

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Thorough Termite Inspections Keep Bugs at Bay

Exterminating and controlling termites begins with a thorough termite inspection both inside and outside your home or business. If and when termites are located and identified by a trained and licensed Natural Science technician, the extent of their infestation and damage is assessed and an estimate for their eradication and repairs is prepared.

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Wood Repairs Come With the Territory With Natural Science

Natural Science Exterminating also employs experienced, licensed carpenters and other tradesmen to thoroughly remove any damage and repair and restore the structure to its original condition. Many termite exterminators will leave repairs to you.

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Environmentally Safe & Sane Pesticides

Natural Science employs orange oil and other organic compounds when appropriate and deemed effective. These termite control substances are generally safe for humans, pets and plants when used properly and applied by a professional pest control technician.

Your technician will recommend the safest, most effective treatment possible for your particular problem. No two homes are alike and we respect the differences in each and every termite control environment.

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Other Termite Extermination Options

Sometimes, the termite infestation is so widespread that Natural Science professionals will recommend other, more comprehensive pest control remedies. If, in the event, your termite infestation requires the use of other treatment options, you will be advised and consulted. Modern tenting and termite fumigating are common, generally safe and accepted trade practices when performed by a trained, experienced termite pest control technician.

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Real Estate & Escrow Professionals Trust Natural Science Exterminating

Some real estate transactions may require more extensive termite treatment including tenting and fumigation. Our schedulers and agents understand the need for timely response for termite remedies.

Call us for a complete list of services and service areas; current real estate clients and their comments; and to schedule an inspection. *

*while we don’t offer our FREE home termite inspection for escrows, we can offer a very reasonably priced inspection, reporting, extermination and control services.

History & Dedication Equals a Superior Customer Experience

Although Natural Science Exterminating is a new entity, the exterminating professionals who founded the company and its employees and agents have been in the “bug” business with well over a century of combined experience.

Nothing is quite as satisfying to the pros at Natural Science as a job well done and millions of dead pests. While we are ruthless bug killers, we treat our humans with good old-fashioned respect and understanding.

You will be advised of your options and provided a complete treatment plan after an inspection and report have been submitted. Ultimately, you can decide which options are best for your situation.

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Termite Control

Once termites have been exterminated, low cost preventative plans are recommended. The cost of keeping termites (and other pests) away from the structure and its contents is often a fraction of the cost of eradication. Termite control also keeps huge termite infestations that require tenting and termite fumigation from re-occurring.

Ask your technician for a FREE no cost/no obligation control plan.

Call Natural Science Exterminating today and say goodbye to termites forever!

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"Dave DeGraw and his crew at Natural Science  are only one of two inspection and exterminating companies we call for every home we sell. Timely, thorough and fair are just three of the reasons we count on them. New home owners love them as well."

- J. B., OC Real Estate agent

"After one company told us we needed to tent our house for a full chemical termite treatment, we called Dave DeGraw at Natural Science  for a second opinion. After a comprehensive inspection, he said we only needed spot treatments with orange oil. He was in and out in a day, no dangerous chemicals and even expertly repaired the damage. Six months later, we're still termite free."

- P.J., South Orange County homeowner

"Natural Science  has been our go-to guys for over a decade. When an agent says we need to use any other company, we say, 'No thanks, we have our own team.'"

- G.C., Real Estate Investor and General Contractor